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Embracing Life’s Waves: A Healing and Resilience Journey

Summation of the Certified Weird Podcast Season 2 Episode 31

Hey there, everyone! We’re back with some updates from our lives, and wow, do we have stories to share! Life really does have a way of throwing curveballs, doesn’t it? I recently returned from a soul-soothing trip to Hawaii, while Meg has been navigating some incredibly tough challenges with her son Tawhiri’s health. This week, we are taking you on a healing and resilience journey.

Photo of Kauai, Hawaii on the north side of the island.

My Hawaiian Healing Journey:

Let me tell you about Kauai – it’s like stepping into another world. The lush greenery, the unexpected company of chickens everywhere (yes, even on the beaches and in restaurants!), and that indescribable feeling of being somewhere magical. This trip was so much more than a vacation for me. It was a journey to reconnect with myself and find peace and answers in nature’s embrace.

Photo of Andie at Secret Falls in Kauai, Hawaii - she is in the water with the waterfall behind her. She is wearing a yellow bikini smiling with both hands giving the Hawaiian hang 10 signals.
Me braving the surprisingly cold water at Secret Falls in Kauai, Hawaii

The most impactful moment? Visiting this sacred site, the birthing pool of a queen. Standing there, I felt an energy like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was as if the land itself was speaking to me, sharing its ancient wisdom and stories. Every step in Kauai brought me closer to an inner clarity and understanding that I didn’t even know I needed.

The Scared Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii - You can feel the energy of this very sacred site.  The perfect place for a healing and resilience journey.
The Scared Queen’s Bath in Kauai, Hawaii – You can feel the energy of this very sacred site.

Meg’s Journey of Resilience:

While I was finding my peace in Hawaii, Meg was facing one of the toughest experiences a parent can go through. Her little warrior, Tawhiri, has been dealing with some serious health issues. Her strength and resilience during this time have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. She’s not just a mom fighting for her son’s health; she’s a pillar of hope and unwavering love.

Meg’s story is a raw and real look at the rollercoaster of emotions that come with navigating a child’s severe illness. It’s about those sleepless nights and the constant worry but also about finding strength in the most challenging times. She’s shown us all what it means to stand firm in the face of adversity, to keep hope alive even when it feels impossible.

Meg holding her son Tawhiri while her prepares to go in for a heart procedure. The photo is very somber and reflective.  This photo exemplifies a A Healing and Resilience Journey
Meg is holding little Tawhiri while he prepares for his heart procedure.

Our Shared Lessons In Our Healing And Resilience Journey:

Our stories, as different as they are, weave together themes of resilience, finding peace amidst chaos, and discovering strength in places we never knew existed. While I was reconnecting with myself in the peaceful environment of Kauai, Meg was tapping into an inner strength, fighting a battle back home for Tawhiri.

We’ve both learned that life’s challenges, whether a healing journey or a fight for a loved one’s health, bring out aspects of ourselves we might never have known. It’s about embracing the uncertainty, leaning into the support of those around us, and finding strength in our love and dedication.


So there you have it, our latest chapter in this wild ride called life. From finding tranquility on the shores of Hawaii to facing the toughest battles back home, we’ve each walked a path that’s taught us so much about ourselves and the power of the human spirit. It is truly an interwoven healing and resilience journey!

We’re sharing these stories with you not just to update you on our lives but to remind you that there’s always a way through, no matter what you’re facing. There’s always a space for growth, healing, and hope. Stay strong, stay connected, and remember that beauty can be found even in the weirdest times.

Until next time, keep embracing every moment, and thanks for being a part of our healing and resilience journey.

Stay Weird + We Love You

Meg + Andie

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