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Hit The Track – Stadium Workout






With school back in session, it’s time to get back to routine and work off that summer weight from endless BBQ’s and just fun summer goodness… The other day I was driving by a High School and I thought to myself, what a great place to get a killer workout on the cheap! No gym fees but endless possibilities to help me #PushFurther and a bit harder for a killer workout! By the end of my time on the track, I was drenched and my legs were Jell-O!!

Hit The Track Stadium Workout



To warm up start with a nice jog around the track, 4 x around is a mile. This should be a nice easy jog to help loosen and warm up your muscles.

Start With A Mile Run

Now it’s time to get down to business!

Walking Lunges


So for the first lap… you’ll do walking lunges around the curve of the track stopping at starting at the first straight starting line


Once you’re done with your walking lunges on the curve of the track you’ll be sprinting down the straightaways. Yep full on legs pumping as fast as your legs will carry you sprints! This is the time to push further than you thought you could!


Round #2 You’ll be squatting around the curve of the track one squat facing the field and then swing around and one facing the bleachers to complete your walking squats… On the straightaways time to sprint it out full force again!

Push Ups

After getting your heart rate up time to slow it down a bit and complete  3 sets of 12  incline push ups. These benches right on the field were perfect!

Tricep Dips

Now flip it over and do some tricep dips! 3 Sets of 12 – Arms on fire!

Split Squats

Now to work on burning those legs some more! Split Squats! 3 Sets of 12 on each leg… Place one leg up on bench and lower till your knee is at a 90 degree angle then bring it right back up. These are awesome bootay lifters 😉

Stair Runs

Enough of this relaxing business time to get that heart going again with some stair runs! Up and down 4 times will do the trick.

Stair Climb With A Leg Lift

Now take those stairs two at a time with a leg lift… your glutes will thank me 😉

Step Ups

If you’re wanting more of challenge add in some uppers – you know back in the day when you were waiting for the bus and you would step up and down on the sidewalk step as fast as you could… That’s the idea see how many you can do in a minute!

Stair Jumps

Now if you really want to push further! Give these stair jumps a try! Wholly Moley! These are awesome and you’ll feel like a total rock star! Just be super careful!! These can be tough and I do not want you to get hurt!

Once you’ve worked your way through this awesome workout! You’ll be a hot sweaty mess of self satisfaction! Talk about feeling empowered after a great workout!


For all us athletes and wannabes out there – This stuff is perfect!

As always when you are outside YOU NEED to wear sunscreen! On my soap box for a minute… Please Please wear sun block! I have had too many friends have issues because they neglected to take care of their skin in the sun.

With all this sweaty goodness from pushing yourself further you’ll want to use a sunscreen that doesn’t make you feel like an oil slick or give you that “coated” feeling. Um Yuck! You know what I’m talking about it! That feeling is the worst!

I really like Neutrogena® Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen with Micoromesh technology that forms a nice breathable matrix, allowing your to sweat naturally without any compromise to your protection! #TotalWin  And you’re not going to feel nasty after a good sweat! I promise!


So grab your block and head to your nearest HS Track and get to work and push yourself further!

What do you do to #PushFurther? I’d love to know! Come on don’t be shy 😉

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Neutrogena.

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