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How To Stop Overeating


How To Stop Overeating. As a former poster child for binge eating, I am sharing how I finally got control over my cravings and appetite.

How to stop overeating, that is the questions asked by millions of people everywhere. It happens to the best of us, myself included! Sometimes things taste so dang good I just can’t stop myself from eating them, even when I’m plenty full! What is it that causes us to eat so much?! I am sure there are psychological reasons and many therapists could give you a laundry list of reasons why it happens. But the biggest thing you can do is to first admit it’s an issue for you!

I remember the first time I realized that I had a problem with binge eating. That was a tough pill to swallow but it was true. When I first started dieting I would do really well but after a while, I would slip and it would result in a binge where I could pound down an enormous amount of food and STILL be hungry. This was NOT healthy and I realized if I wanted to lose weight and keep it off I had to change!

I started paying more attention to my hunger and tried to be better at gauging it and keeping it in check. I tried to figure out for me what exactly caused me to “binge”. The cause of binges will be different for everyone. Do some soul searching and figure out what triggers you to overeat? Is it stress? Are you an emotional eater? Are there certain people in your life that trigger this behavior?

Get to the root and make sure you know exactly what is causing your overeating tendencies. I finally figured out that when I felt out of control or overwhelmed I tended to binge. I knew that when I started to feel that way I needed to find a better coping mechanism. Now when I start to feel emotional and find myself reaching for that extra helping, I know to stop myself and take a mental check of the situation. This has made all the difference.

I also, by nature of working out as often and as hard as I do, am ALWAYS hungry and my actual appetite has been hard to control. As a curious person, I went on the lookout for natural appetite, management supplements that would help me to reign things in a bit. Getting proper nutrition while working out is essential so you do need to eat, but portion control is still an issue whether you eat healthy or not.

I finally found the perfect combo for me and these supplements are really helping me to control my cravings and my actual appetite. I am so amazed at how full I feel, and how I’m able to walk away after just a couple of bites of a splurge. (see paragraph above on my past binging issues ????‍♀️)

For the first time in a very long time, I feel in control! And that is a very big deal because I love to eat as much as I love to work out.

And the part I am super pumped about is the fact that both products are stimulant free and are completely natural. In a world with a super sketchy and not very well regulated diet pill market, these are indeed a very welcome find.

Now for the fun part – my two superhero friends, that are helping me to take back control of my appetite and cravings.


Cayenne: This spicy little number has been used as a food and by traditional herbalists for thousands of years. The hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper is primarily due to a component known as capsaicin. Modern scientific studies have indicated that consumption of Cayenne may help to support cardiovascular and digestive functions.* Meaning it helps your body to break down foods and promote healthy digestion.* It also may help raise body temperature to help increase overall metabolism.* I just know that it helps me feel full and satisfied.*

Super Cortisol Support: NOW® Super Cortisol Support is a botanical and nutritional blend formulated to naturally support a healthy adrenal stress response.* The adrenal glands help the body respond and adjust to physical, mental, and emotional stressors through the production of cortisol.* When stress becomes a part of everyday life, cortisol and blood sugar, and consequently appetite and body weight, may become difficult to manage.* NOW® Super Cortisol Support combines nutritional factors such as Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, and Chromium Chelavite® with Relora®, a proprietary herbal combination, to support healthy adrenal function, relieve stress, and promote healthy eating patterns.*

So you know how I mentioned stress can trigger me to overeat? This helps me regulate my stress levels and also helps me maintain my blood sugar levels.*

Both of these supplements together have been, for lack of a better word, a miracle for me in helping me to manage my appetite and improve my metabolism.* Even during the crazy holidays, my weight is dropping- which it has NOT done in a VERY long time.*

These work for me but every single human is so different and what works miracles for me might not be the best fit for you. So please consult with a doctor or herbal practitioner before trying.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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