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How To Channel Your Inner Athlete

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TomTom®. The opinions and texts are all mine


Whether we are 5 or 95, we all have an inner desire to move and be active.

It moves within us, calling us, but only if we are listening!

Remember when you were little and it about killed you to sit still for any amount of time?

The moment you were able to get moving you burst with energy – running at full throttle and not looking back!

It was a freeing and utterly amazing feeling.

Somehow as we got older, this desire began to get squelched, and that inner fire started to diminish and dwindle.

So I want to help you reconnect with that inner energy and teach you how to channel your inner athlete that lives within inside YOU!!

I promise you regardless of where you are on your fitness journey – it is there!


When was the last time you talked to yourself when you were working out?

One of the best ways to connect to your inner athlete is to chat with yourself. I am not crazy! It WORKS!

When I am feeling worn out, and I lack motivation – I give myself a pep talk. I remind myself how awesome and capable I truly am!

Our bodies are amazing machines and capable of almost anything. But it is our minds that get in the way. We focus on what we cannot do, we criticize and fault ourselves. Pretty much talking ourselves out of own innate abilities which are pretty amazing!

But if we can change our inner dialogue to one of positivity and excitement – you will be amazed at how much you will be able to accomplish and how much your athletic performance will improve.

Do you think champions sit around and bash themselves?

Absolutely NOT! They focus on what they can do and push themselves believing they can accomplish what everyone around them says they cannot do. They let that drive them, instead of letting it push them down.

They are no different than you and me!

Sure they may have hours and hours to train, while you and I do not! But for the 30 minutes to an hour, we do train, we can give it our all and be champions at heart! We can channel our youthful energy and athlete.

One cool tool that I recently had the opportunity to try out is the TomTom® Spark 3 Cardio + Music Watch. Now this is a watch that helps complete the feeling of being a legit athlete!


It has the ability to track performance whether you are running, cycling, walking, running on a treadmill, indoor cycling, swimming, or working out at the gym. – With a built-in heart monitor, you can track how many calories you are burning at a more accurate level.

It was so fun to compare my performance day to day – causing me to push a little bit harder and perform better than I had the day before. My inner athlete and geek loved seeing my progress.

What I love about the TomTom® Spark 3 is that it integrates all the capabilities of a standard activity watch; you can still track sleep, steps, heart rate, and total daily caloric burn as you would expect from other like models.

Some of the cool features you can expect are:

The route exploration feature will help you identify and find the safest trails, and as you continue to explore it well help you continue to find and explore new trails! If you are just starting out and not sure how to mix thing up and keep your routes new and exciting, this feature will be a game changer!

The goal tracker feature lets you track and customize your personal goals. You can monitor and set goals for daily steps, the amount of active time spent during the day; distance traveled in a day, and calories burned. This feature is an excellent way to challenge yourself and track your improvement daily!

And if you are not comfortable talking to yourself just yet – The Tom Tom® Spark 3 has a built in audio performance feedback feature. The coach is a fun feature that is like having a personal training in your ear urging and cheering you!!


Lastly, and quite possibly my favorite TomTom Spark 3 feature, is the ability to download your rockstar playlists right to your watch! With 3GB of music storage, you can store up to 500 songs on the built-in music player. The Spark 3 also comes with Bluetooth enabled headphones that sync directly to your watch. There is no need to lug that phone of yours around at the gym or when you hit the pavement or trails outdoors. {Yippee!} Added bonus, you can now focus better and not be disturbed by dings and pings that are constantly going off while you’re trying to work out.
So channel that inner childlike energy and athlete and have fun with your workouts!

The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music fitness watch is a fantastic tool to assist you in tracking and monitoring your progress, and will help you feel like a real athlete—which you are by the way! 😉

For more information on this fantastic fitness tracker, check out their website

Oh, and make sure to follow TomTom® on social media for more tips and help to channel your rock star inner athlete!




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TomTom. The opinions and text are all mine.


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