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How To Purge Your Closet!

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Feeling overwhelmed with a closet overflowing with clothes? Learn How To Purge Your Closet and let that good energy start to flow!

There is something about Spring that just makes me want to shop? 

I am alone on this?! 

With the warmer weather, I get excited about the new flirty styles of spring and feel the need to purge the old and drab and embrace the new! 

If you haven’t purged your closet in a while be prepared to feel instant peace.

Something magical happens when we clear out our spaces and make them neat and orderly – good energy can’t help but flow! 

So if you’re feeling stuck the fastest way to start feeling unstuck is to clean and organize a space. 

Don’t believe me? 

Give it a try, clean out one junk drawer that you have been ignoring and report back to me how you feel!

You will notice almost immediately like a weight being lifted, it is totally freeing! 

So back to the task at hand – How to purge your closet!

When you are reviewing every item in your closet ask yourself these 5 questions: 

  1. Does the item have any stains, tears, or holes?- if yes get rid of it! 
  2. Does the item fit me right now? – If not, get rid of it! We as women are prone to hold onto clothes for that magical moment we finally get to that “size”  Stop holding on, let go! 
  3. Do I feel happy and confident when I wear it? – If not get rid of it! 
  4. When was the last time I actually wore this? With the exception of seasonal items if it has been more than six months chances are you will not be wearing it again. 
  5. Is it a free promotional item? If so, let it go! No need to hold onto a free item, just because it was free. Unless you can answer yes to answer #3 that is the only reason to hold on. 

I like to purge my closet every 6 months – it helps my closet organized and easy to find the clothes I do love wearing and that I do feel comfortable and confident in – because that is ALL that is left! 

Take your stack of clothes to a donation center or try a service like ThredUp that pays you for clothes! 

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