I Forgot My Password

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I Forgot My Password

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If there is one thing I dislike more than anything, it is remembering passwords. I feel like our lives are ruled by passwords!

I find myself using the same password for everything just to ensure that I do not forget my dang passwords. Which as I am sure many of you are aware of is NOT safe!

Passwords by nature should be obscure and hard to guess to maximize our online security. But the problem with that is when I make sound password choices, for the love of me I cannot remember them, or I get them confused with another password for another site! It is maddening and super frustrating!

To make our lives simpler this Holiday Season and to make us super efficient in 2017  I am sharing with you this excellent tool that will save you time, frustration, and improve your mental well-being! 😉

No more I forgot my password stress!!! {Can I get an Amen!!}

No more yelling at your computer and dealing with I forgot my password stress!

 Imagine living in a world where you only have to remember ONE password! And typing in ONE password gave you access to ALL your passwords – that are reset my a computer to be tricky and hard to guess – but if you remember THE ONE password you’re good!

This is not some futuristic concept! It is available to you NOW!!

I recently stumbled LastPass,  a tool that accomplishes exactly that! Streamless password management with ONE password to remember!

I simply log on to my LastPass {Which is FREE by the way} and all my websites that I frequent that require a password are all gently saved within the one website! #GENIUS!!

LastPass is a headache-relieving gift to the world.

It can also help you manage all your mobile passwords.

Again making your life more streamlined and less stressful!

I have been playing with LastPass for a bit now, and I am so excited not to have to worry about remembering all my DANG passwords! I feel like an I just freed up a bunch of brain space 😉 LOL

So before the Holidays are in full swing and you have to log into all those online shopping accounts you haven’t logged into for a year. Sign up for LastPass, and they will help you to reset all those passwords for you, using their autofill password feature! So all those sites can be utilized and enjoyed this Holiday without having to strain your brain trying to remember those dang passwords!

Good Luck and Enjoy this time of YEAR with a little less stress and Get LastPass for Free!!

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