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InsideTracker Review: Discover What YOUR Body Needs To Thrive.

One of my favorite things to do is head to a health and wellness store and peruse the supplement section. I know, I am a nerd. I love seeing all the beautiful labels and reading what each bottle can do to support our amazing human bodies.

Supplements are awe-inspiring. They can be just the perfect thing to help fill in nutritional and mineral gaps we may have. But and it is a BIG but, supplements can also be detrimental when taken blindly and without proper guidance. This is where a blood test can be beneficial.

So when I discovered InsideTracker, I was excited and a bit skeptical about giving them a try. Over the years, I have tried more than few online blood work testing tools. Each one would spit out a beautiful PDF report highlighting my levels and where I stood on so many vital nutrients. But like most other humans, I did not go to medical school. Although I have a pretty good grasp of what bodies need to function at higher levels, even I was confused by the “output.” So I found that the reports lacked, in my opinion, a much-needed component—an action plan.

InsideTracker Review, before you take any supplements you need to read this review. InsideTracker helps you discover what your body needs to thrive!

With InsideTracker, you get just that. Yes, you will get a pretty PDF readout of your levels, but they go a step beyond and break down what each result is and what the results mean and why they are important to track and understand. And if you are low/high in a particular area, it walks you through some ideas to remedy that via supplementation, lifestyle changes, and fitness recommendation. A multifaceted, holistic plan to help you move towards better overall health and wellness. Can I get a mic drop!

So, in a nutshell, that is why InsideTracker is different and why InsideTracker is an excellent resource for you to employ before blindly grabbing supplements your body may or may not use.

InsideTracker is pretty simple to work with. Just head over to their website, choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget. I chose the Ulitmate Plan because it was the most comprehensive. And I wanted a complete overhaul. Once you have paid and completed an intake survey, it asks you several questions regarding your current health and current lifestyle habits. You will be given a lab order form that you can take to one of their partner labs. I live in a tiny town of Spanish Fork, Utah so the chances of them having a lab near you are very high.

You’ll need to go first thing in the morning and have been fasting for 10-12 hours. Just stop eating after dinner and go first thing in the morning, and you should be fine. A lovely nurse will take your blood (about seven vials) and send them to the lab for tests. A week later, you will get your results. Then it’s the fun part, your action plan!

I received an overall grade (84%) and an itemized report of 22 action items I could do to improve my areas of concern. I was not surprised my area of concern was blood sugar and metabolic markers. This has been an ongoing issue with me. But unlike other reports that dolled out this dreary news. InsideTracker gave me 22 action items I could do to help improve my blood sugar and metabolic markers!

I know what you may be thinking 22 freaking action items, I’m out! You do not have to do all 22! Just pick 10-12 easy little supplements, lifestyle, and fitness suggestions, and you’re good to go!

You can track it all with the InsideTracker app, which sends me a daily reminder to do all the things.

After three months, you can do the test again and see if all your hard work is actually paying off. I am planning on retaking the test in June and will post a follow-up!

To get started and order your first InsideTracker Health Plan, just hit this link HERE and use code: INSIDETWENTYFIVE to save 25% on your test!


  1. Great information to know for sure! Thank you for the reminder to take of ourselves!

  2. I really need this! I am trying to be healthier & knowing what my body needs will help!

  3. Sara Welch says:

    What a great way to be more health conscientious! I never knew anything about this, but could definitely benefit from it, indeed! Will have to give it a try!

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