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How a Metabolism Test Changed My Entire Life

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This post is brought to you by Everlywell, opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

If you are doing all the right things and still not losing a metabolism test might just pinpoint your problem!

For the past year, my body has been off, it seemed no matter what I did I could not lose weight. Which for some I suppose is normal but for me as a health and fitness professional to gain weight without explanation, was just weird!! Even with working out and eating right my weight continued to inch up and HOLD on for dear life.

I teach macro counting and it works miracles for those I coach, but yet month after month my weight continued to not budge.

Intuitively I knew something was wrong, I felt like something was off…

But I kept blaming it on not working out hard enough, or maybe I had indulged too much on that small treat. I kept dialing in my macros and using all the tricks and tips I preach and know scientifically work, but yet my body was not playing along.

I am not in anyway saying that I have a weight problem. I am happy with my body, but yet I cannot explain how frustrating it is to gain 10lbs and not be able to get it to drop off. It was like it came in overnight got comfy and decided that no matter what, it was not going to vacate the premises, I sort of strike of sorts.

Finally, after trying everything I could think of, I randomly got an email to review a Metabolism test from a company called Everlywell. I had a feeling that my root issue was something was amiss with my metabolism, so I agreed to review the test in hopes that I would finally get to the root of what the heck was going on with my body.

So I pricked my finger and filled in some dots with my blood and spat in a vile and mailed it all back to Everylywell and waited…

Then two weeks later my results appeared in my email inbox… I eagerly opened the email and signed into my account the results were are all within normal until the last entry my testosterone. Anything above 61 is considered high for a female, my level was 275 {that of a healthy male- I know because I looked it up!}

My mind spiraled, what the heck does that even mean???

I called and scheduled an appointment with my Doctor and together after a couple weeks of tests and more waiting, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is an incurable but treatable hormonal imbalance that causes all kinds of issues including weight gain, and weight loss resistance. I also was diagnosed with pre-diabetes which is a result of my high testosterone levels and my body not distributing the insulin I produce properly.

But knowledge is power and I  have been able to work on balancing my hormones so that I can start to see the results I am used to!

It has been awhile since my diagnosis and it honestly has rocked my world, learning to treat and manage my PCOS  and pre-diabetes has been a struggle and I have had to adapt and change my diet and start to avoid foods I love more and more. As I learn and grow I will continue to share with you what I have learned! And if you have PCOS I would love to connect with you and we can work on healing and managing it together.

And MOST importantly if you feel something is “off”  LISTEN to your body!! This little $89 test from Everlywell can give you the answers you need to see if something is going on with you too. Make sure and use code ANDIE10 to get free shipping and 10% off your test! 

Order YOUR Test NOW! 


  1. Jamie Martin says:

    Yes! How I have struggled with weight! And infertility. Last year, I was diagnosed with PCOS, and my doctor gave me some medicine that seems to balance things out. I was able to get pregnant after five years of trying, and we have recently welcomed our little caboose. (I posted last week about our family’s delight over him on our blog.) I would love to know more about how you are managing your PCOS.

    1. Jamie,

      I too was put on meds – and they made me so sick so opted for a more natural remedy {herbel supplements} I have been on them for awhile now and they seem to be working! I am going back in to get my levels checked soon! – I will be sharing my holistic journey shortly! So glad you were able to get pregnant! Such a blessing! – Also, thank you for all the sweet comments! Glad you found my little space on the internet!

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