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4 Ways To Look and Feel Younger

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Age is nothing but a number- Here are 4 ways you can look and feel younger today!

Keeping our youth is all the buzz these days! As I drive down the freeway in my city I see billboards plastered with ads for botox, laser, fat freezing, tucks, injections and so on. It seems that there is so much focus on looking young but how about feeling young?

Of course, most people know a major role in feeling and staying young is nutrition and exercise. But there are other components that are just as important yet rarely talked about. If these four keys are followed, you most likely won’t need to focus so much on looking young because you will already look loads younger and feel fabulous!

So here they are four things you can do to help you look and feel younger!

  1. Thoughts & Words– What are you thinking and saying to yourself? I can’t stress enough about how important our thoughts are for all areas of our life. When we’re kids we dream about being older and getting to the next stage so we can have more privileges and freedom. We can’t wait to turn old enough to wear makeup, date, drive, go to 21+ clubs etc. Then shortly into our twenties, we start saying things like, “Oh wow! I’m getting old!” When is the phase where we enjoy our age and celebrate that chapter of our life? The cells of our body hear us everytime we think or say, “I’m old.” Change that around and start celebrating and enjoying EVERY age you are at. Start saying, “I am young, energetic, vital and feel amazing!” Visualize yourself young, strong, limber and looking great.
  2. Nutrition– What are you putting into your body? You really are what you eat. If you’re constantly eating processed food that is stale dead energy, it will catch up to you. It will start to age you immensely. The good news is we are always shedding old cells and creating new ones so it’s never too late to change your ways. If you want to feel alive and vibrant eat live vibrant foods such as an array of colorful organic veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, quinoa, lentils, brown rice and healthy fats. Also since our body is made up of water it’s so important to drink plenty of water which is also live energy and helps your cells to communicate with each other.
  3. Exercise & Stretching- Are you moving enough? Get moving outside! Being out in nature, sunshine and fresh air do wonders for our energy levels. The more someone lives a sedentary lifestyle the more tired they are. Have you ever way overslept and then felt exhausted? If you feel tired get up off the couch and go outside for a brisk walk. I promise you will feel amazing soon after. Stretching daily helps us stay limber and keeps us young. It feels great to stretch before bed and just after waking up in the morning. Try to get some form of exercise daily for at least 20 minutes.
  4. People- Who are the people you surround yourself with? We are the product of whoever we spend time with and focus on. Are the people you’re around most stressed out, serious, angry, dramatic and is their life a big mess? If so this is aging you big time! Become aware of the energy around you and start to make positive changes now. Surround yourself with people that laugh a lot, enjoy the adventure of life, are big thinkers that believe anything is possible. You will start to feel younger and fabulous!

So instead of focusing on aging, embrace your youthful side, whatever age you may be. Whether we are 20,30,40 or 90 we can feel young and vibrant, there is so much truth to the old adage “you are only as old as you feel.” 

So be youthful friends and embrace and love yourself and your age!

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