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Love Your Body!


Fitness Friday!!!

I know I’m a little late to the party!! But I am in LOVE with this awesome campaign started by Brooke Walker of KSL Studio 5! I LOVE the concept of embracing ourselves and letting go of the “fat chat”. It is so easy to find ourselves comparing ourselves to others! I wish I had so and so’s long legs or if I had so and so’s gorgeous hair… Or I wish my boobs looked like that… I could go on and on! We as women STRUGGLE to accept ourselves “as is”. I think even if you asked the most beautiful woman in the world with the best bod she would still find flaws that drove her crazy and caused her not realize that SHE IS ENOUGH and is amazing!!! I don’t care if you are a super model or struggling with weight or what ever your story is… YOU ARE ENOUGH and you can find something to LOVE about yourself!!! That is the Challenge… find 1 thing that you love about your body!!! Consider yourself challenged, dig deep! What do you LOVE about your body? What is your best feature? Then snap a pic and hash tag it up!!! #bodylove #stopthefatchat #andiemademedoit

So I took  the challenge! This was a hard one for me!! Body Image has always been something I struggle with. I look in the mirror now and  I often still see my former chubby self… I can’t gauge properly how I look or what size I truly am. The other day I looked in the mirror and I realized I am skinny… This was a revelation for me! I am still learning to love my body and to stop the fat chat myself!!!! So lets ban together and learn to LOVE our bodies and be proud of where we are no matter what!!!
After much thought my favorite feature is my ARMS, I love that the hard work I have put into making them toned and defined is paying off! I love looking in the mirror when I am working out and seeing the cuts that have come with hard work and not giving up! I am not blessed with “AWESOME” genes…. The muscle tone and definition came from a ton of hard work and persistence!
By having strong arms I am able to lift my little ones and my not so little 9 year old up in great big mommy hugs… My kids favorite thing is for me to lift them up in my arms and sing them rock a bye baby then “pretend” drop them when the cradle does fall. I do this with all my kids even my “super cool” 9 year old… One day soon she’ll be too cool to have mom swing her in arms, SO I am enjoying it as long as it lasts. But man o man am I glad I  have the guns to safely do this with all my kids 😉

Stop the Fat Chat!!! And Love Your Body!!! #stopthefatchat #bodylove

Tell me what you love!! Snap a pic and share!! Hash Tag it  #bodylove #stopthefatchat #andiemademedoit

LOVE to you all!!!

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