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10 Benefits of Oolong Tea That Will Surprise You!

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For the longest time, I hated the thought of drinking tea. I had tried different kinds, but it just seemed like hot flavored water without much taste; yuck!

I, for the life of me, could not figure out why everyone was so excited about tea.

But after reading article after article about the amazing benefits of tea, I decided I had better put on my big girl panties and give this tea a real shot.

So I began researching the best teas to drink every day for overall health and maintaining a healthy weight. If I was going to drink this stuff, I had better get the most bang for my buck… lol.

And after all my research, surprisingly or maybe not for you tea drinkers Wu-Long or Oolong tea kept coming up as the tea of choice.

Photo of Oolong tea styled in a very traditional Japanese way
Oolon Tea may just become your new BFF.

So I went all in and began drinking my oolong tea twice a day… At first, I would have to kind of gag it down… But remember, I didn’t even like peppermint or chamomile tea. But after a couple of days, I began to look forward to my cups of tea – I add a drop of Stevia and a little bit of cream, and it is HEAVEN! You can start calling me Lady Andie, drinking my afternoon tea with my pinky up 😉

downton abbey photo of Lady Mary drinking tea
Just call me Lady Andie.

So now to the exciting and fun part!!

WHY Oolong tea is so awesome for you and why you should be drinking it Everday.

  1. Helps to Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism: Oolong tea is bursting with catechins and polyphenols – naturally occurring antioxidants that help to block enzymes that build fat, and they also help to increase metabolism and burn fat! – Yes, please! (It has been shown to be more effective at burning fat than green tea!)
  2. Can help lower cholesterol: Oolong Tea helps to promote a healthy heart. Oolong tea is semi-oxidized; it produces a perfectly sized polyphenol molecule that can activate the enzyme lipase, which is known to dissolve body fat.
  3. Increase Mental Alertness: Just say no to Mom brain. Oolong tea contains naturally occurring caffeine which will give a nice boost of energy and help you to focus. If you are sensitive to caffeine – you may want to be extra careful.
  4. Prevents Tooth Decay: Oolong tea improves oral health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and oral cancers. The antioxidants called polyphenols present in oolong tea can help contribute to the improvement of dental health and hygiene. Drinking oolong tea helps to prevent the build-up of plaque, fights tooth decay, and helps fight off nasty cavities. (Awesome, right??)
  5. Beautiful Skin: Researchers from Japan’s Shiga University of Medical Science found that drinking Oolong Tea daily clears up skin within as few as 30 days.* (Source: Archives of Dermatology)
  6. Improve Immune System: According to a 2004 study, test subjects who consumed Oolong were found to have stronger immune systems and significantly lower risk for infections such as the common cold. (Source: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling).
  7. Better Digestion: Oolong tea can help aid digestion for those not sensitive to caffeine. The tea alkalizes the digestive tract, reducing inflammation in those with acid reflux and ulcer problems. Because it is mildly antiseptic, oolong tea can clear harmful bacteria from your belly.
  8. Anti-Aging Properties: By now, you have heard how bad free radicals are and how they can damage your skin and reach havoc on the natural aging process. In a 2004 study conducted by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto and colleagues from the University of California, Davis, it was found that people who drank Oolong daily experienced a remarkable 50 percent reduction in free radicals within just 15 days!*
  9. Acts as an Appetite Suppressant: This is one I can vouch for personally. If I am going to snack, it is usually in the afternoon when I can feel my willpower fading fast. Drinking Oolong Tea helped to curb my appetite and feel full until dinner.
  10. Cravings Crasher: Drinking Oolong Tea 15 minutes before meals helps to eliminate “carb cravings” by regulating insulin spikes. Also, drinking Oolong Tea in between meals will make you feel full and content, which will help you avoid unhealthy mid-meal snacking. (see #9)

Information for the article was found via Web, MD, Life Hack, and Style Craze. 

Crazy how much of a wallop this tea throws!! I have been drinking it regularly for a couple of weeks now, and I am enjoying it, and I love how much more energy I have, and the biggest thing I have noticed is that my appetite is in check, and my “carb cravings” are way manageable!

I did my research and found a company that provides high-quality Oolong Tea at a very reasonable price. Like anything, you get what you pay for. So finding a good supplier with quality ingredients is so important, especially when it comes to tea! I like FGO Organic Oolong-Long Tea. I don’t have to deal with loose leaves – I just heat up my water in my trusty tea kettle and let the bag sit in hot water for 3-5 minutes, and then I throw away the tea bag and enjoy my tea! So easy!

To find out more and purchase some for yourself >> Go HERE!

Photo of Oolong Tea Product Recommended

Pinkies Up +Much Love,

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  1. It took me 40 years but I’m finally a tea drinker lol I’ll have to try oolong.

  2. Now, these are benefits that everyone should want, at least I do!! I need to drink it everyday!

  3. 5 stars
    I didnt know how many benefits this kind of tea has, and I cannot thank you for sharing this post!

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