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Building a Stronger YOU with Proper Nutrition

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Overwhelmed when it comes to proper nutrition? Here’s how to find out exactly what your body needs, so your body performs at its best!

Do you ever head over to the supplement aisle, just to check things out?

For me a health and wellness store is comparable to a kid going to a candy store…

Photo Credit: Matt Schwartz

Remember that feeling you had as you headed through the door, totally excited and filled with anticipation of all the sugary goodness that awaited you just beyond the glass doors? The smell that completely enveloped you as you sauntered in the door. A fresh couple bucks from your weekly allowance in your pockets just waiting to be spent.


But as you oohed and ahhed over all the choices you realized your anticipation was giving way to anxiety…. What to choose??? What will be worth the investment of your cold hard cash! You had to vacuum for a week for that money…


I totally feel like that too when it comes to supplements! I know there are tons of amazing supplements that will help me to be healthier, stronger, and have more energy….but what to buy?? And these days were not talking a couple bucks – supplements ain’t cheap!! But if you can find just the right ones for your body – they can be a total game changer!


Still, buying blindly based on some blog post, (even mine  :-P) is a risk! Our bodies are all designed so differently, what works for one may not work for another! Sure there are standard supplements that are generally just a good idea for everyone. But to see real dynamic changes in your body to give you the energy to be the best you possible you need a map to help you know what mineral and vitamins you are good on and where you need some serious supplemental help!


Enter Balanced Body Labs


With a simple spot-blood test, you get a complete report of your specific body’s vitamin and mineral breakdown. Their cutting-edge blood spot technology allows them to analyze and measure 34 different nutrients in your blood sample to determine the exact amount of each hormone, vitamin, amino acid and fatty acid in your body all from HOME!


You can take the results of this test (which are emailed to you for easy reference!) and look over them yourself or even analyze them with your doctor, trainer, or dietitian. You can know confidently what your body is lacking so that you can consume the correct foods and buy the right supplements to help give you all the energy and strength you need to be the rock star Mom you want so badly to be.

The test is EASY to order and to do! First you’ll order your test online, then once received, all you do is follow the simple instructions in the box.

HERE are a couple KEY things to remember…

  1. An 8 hour fast is recommended – the easiest way to do that is to take the test first thing in the morning BEFORE breakfast!
  2. Warm your hands! Just rub them together like you would when you’re outside and it’s freezing! 😉
  3. Have the dot collection card laying out ready to go before you prick!
  4. Use the finger prick tool to prick your finger.
  5. Squeeze the finger so you get some good blood droplets forming and then fill in the round dots on the collection card – basically its like color by numbers with your blood.
  6. Let your results dry in a safe place for a minimum of 3 hours
  7. Ship it off in the prepaid envelope you received in your package
  8. Await your results! You’ll get them via email. (Usually within 2 weeks)  


Because of Balanced labs, I was able to detect where I was deficient and what nutrients I should add to my daily regimen. I was able to research foods that were strong in what I was lacking and make sure I included more of them in my daily diet. It also helped me see where I was over supplementing and what foods I should cut back on.


Our bodies are amazing! They can do really anything if we put our mind to!!

And yep, I can squat all 65+ pounds of him 😉


But knowing our bodies and making sure we are properly fueling our bodies with the right nutrition plan for us is crucial. It will help us to have the energy and vitality we crave!!


Because at the end of the day, it all boils down to nutrition! And with the help of Balanced Body Labs next time you saunter into a health and foods store you can fight the overwhelm, feeling confident and totally empowered you’re getting what your body ACTUALLY needs!

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