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Psychic Powers

This post brought to you by Keen. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Maybe I Will.

Psychic Powers

For most of my life, I have looked at Psychics as charlatans and complete phonies. My skepticism was very well known. I felt that Psychic Powers just didn’t exist and they were not a “real” thing.

But this year has been one of growth and opening myself up to new things and methods I would have never have considered. And by doing so, I have learned a lot, mostly about myself. Sometimes being open and non-judgemental to new ideas is a great way to learn and grow as an individual.

So when I was contacted by the Keen Psychics – instead of saying no, I said why not,  I was curious and open to trying something new!

Are you curious about meeting with a Psychic as well? Let me share with you, my personal experience and why I now feel like getting Psychic reading can be a fun, entertaining and helpful way to gain some insight for the upcoming year!


I was a little nervous to start my first reading. But makes it easy to search and find a psychic that specializes in whatever it is that you have questions on. They have physics that do readings to help you find love, help with your current relationship, Tarot readings, and even Mediums – really you can choose to go any direction.

Right now I feel like I am at a fork in the road with my blog and personal training business and I wanted to see what guidance a psychic would offer me.

SO I chose a psychic that was touted as a business and success psychic.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to talk to a live psychic over the phone – so I chose the Chat on-line option – it seemed less intimidating to me.

So I hit Chat and waited for my advisor.


She popped on right away and asked me my name and DOB – I gave her my full formal name – so in case she was relying on Google, less stuff would come up on me 😉 remember I was still a bit skeptical.

Right away she responded with – a very accurate and intuitive thought. – It was something I absolutely needed to hear, and I am going to use to help me going forward as I plan out my next year. It was CRAZY! There was no way she could have googled and come up with her insight, and it wasn’t basic “blanketed” advice.

So as our conversation continued – she gave me more and more insight and helped for me to consider.

It actually ended up having an entirely different vibe and feeling than what I had expected from a “Psychic Reading.”

She didn’t “read” my future and tell me scary things – she simply helped guide me and provided me with helpful and useful tips that are exactly what I needed to hear.

It felt more like talking to a very insightful and intuitive friend.

I felt like she was able to read my energy and make sense of what I was feeling and going over in my head.


So after my first reading – I can honestly say that Psychic Powers do in fact exist and Physics have a unique talent for reading people and can offer a fun exciting and useful take on any issue you may be facing!

Keen has been so kind to extend an Exclusive Holiday Offer to Maybe I Will readers. You can try your first 10 minute reading for $1!! This is a great chance for you just to give Keen a try and see if you can benefit from a reading as well.


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