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Shakeology Energy Snack Bites

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Whip It Up Wednesday!

Yes it does still exist! Yep peeps Whip It Up Wednesdays are BACK! I’ve got some yummy and healthy summer treats coming your way! It’s amazing once you get “settled” how much more empowered you feel! My life has been in limbo for the last 6 months and as a type “A” personality this has about killed me! But I survived it all!
And now that we are moved, Husband’s new job is stable, no showings, no packing, just living life! I am one happy camper!!
One thing that I found over the past six months and have absolutely FELL in love with is Beach Body’s Shakeology! I was super cynical and wasn’t quite sure that it measured up to the hype… But after being on the product for awhile now. It has made a world of difference in my overall health! It has provided me with energy, good health, and my pipes are running like a champ. Oprah would be proud… 😉 I found this recipe for these yummy little treats on an insert that came with one of my shipments and thought I’d give them a try! (with some Andie tweaks of course…) And they have become a staple in our home! Even Miss Picky Pants McGee loves them! (A Total Win!!)
Shakeology Energy Snack Bites
Adapted From Beach Body
1 Cup Chocolate Shakeology -(You could totally sub out for your fav chocolate protein powder)
1 Cup All Natural Nut Butter (I’ve used both Almond and Peanut)
1/2 Cup Organic Honey
1 Cup Rolled Oats
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Cinnamon or Ground Expresso {Chocolate Enhancers}
Combine together and roll into balls. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper refrigerate until set (approx 1 hour) If you can wait that long… Then Enjoy! I like to eat mine cold so I keep them in the fridge! They are the perfect sweet treat when I am jonesn’ for something chocolately and bad for me!
Want more info on the awesomeness of Shakeology?!??! Check out this fun little video from the strangely charming and charismatic Tony Horton… Not sure why I have a crush on this guy, but I do…
If you’d like to order — you can find it HERE! As always feel free to email me with questions! maybeiwills{at} or comment below!

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