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3 Tips For Slimmer Trimmer Abs

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3 Tips for slimmer abs – what you need to do and what you need to avoid to get those slimmer trimmer abs you’ve always wanted!

We have all seen the ads that promote “one simple trick” for a flat stomach. Knowing how obsessed we are to have “abs” the ‘ads’ keep coming; “get lean – burn off fat while you sleep” or “follow this one rule – for six pack abs”, or “get your tiny belly back eating exotic nuts and berries”, or “Ohio Mom got itty bitty eating only watermelon and using a hula hoop.

If only the advertisements delivered on the hype, we could all be

ridiculously happy, healthy, wealthy, super sexy, oh, and have fitness model abs.

The thing is getting washboard abs is incredibly hard.

Way harder than the ads dare to admit. We know this because we have all tried and tried and never quite got the results we wanted. Which is why we keep falling for the “one trick” to vault us past the hard part and on to smaller waistlines and admiring looks.

Let me make something clear I do not think anyone is crazy for buying another product or exercise video to help them get “shredded”. What I do suggest is that when you really want abs, you need to get 3 things perfectly clear.

First your level of commitment, second what not to do and third what to do to be successful. As summer waits for no man let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Commitment is, what you are willing to do to get what you want? I think shelves full of self – help books and TED Talks have pretty well enlightened us to the fact that the key to results is directly proportional to our level of commitment. Only you can determine how committed you are. Make that your first step. Because the fact is exercise and dieting will not work unless you are committed to the process. Now that we know our level of commitment, let’s get clear about what does not work to create slimmer abs.

Here are 5 things that absolutely will not help you get abs. The list is self-explanatory, the big takeaway here is to commit to letting go of the urge to waste time on these ideas and focus on what works.

Sit-ups:   The transverse abdominal muscles form the “six – pack”. A muscle group that already exists but is not visible, because it is covered by a layer of fatty tissue. Doing a thousand sit-ups will only put tremendous stress on the lower back while doing nothing to make the abs “pop”. Abs will start showing when you reduce your body fat percentage.

Decline Situps:   These are a great way to stress the lower back and smoke your hip flexors but are NOT effective for revealing your abs. Again, your core may become stronger but at too high of a risk of injury. Overall these are a time waster when the goal is a sexy six-pack.

Cutting back on water:  This is a bad, bad idea. When you cut back on water your muscles flatten out and your body retains water. You must hydrate your body to grow muscle. Any diet that recommends that you limit or stop your consumption of water is certifiably unhealthy.

Weight Loss Supplements: Hate to burst your bubble but magic pills won’t get you ripped. They will never be the shortcut to total commitment to hard work. Stop fantasizing about doing things the easy way and get back to work.

All Mighty Aerobics: People put way too much emphasize on exercises like running, elliptical machines and stationary bikes, not realizing that they will burn on average 550 calories in an hour. (This is an average for people who really exert themselves for the full hour)

That sounds like a lot of calories but what most people don’t understand is that a simple meal of, a cup of brown rice with 4 ounces of chicken has 390 calories. In other words, eat one meal and you will almost be even with the amount of calories it took an hour for them to burn.

Now let’s get focused. Here are 4 things that absolutely will help you get slimmer abs. The list is short and sweet, but the results are very real. Commit to focus on what works and get the flat stomach, slim waist and admiring looks you so deserve.

Maintain a Food Journal: Face the fact you rarely remember what you ate, how much you ate and how you felt afterward. Get a journal write down starting weight and total fat percentage and then write your goals. Then make the time to keep track of what you eat, you will be surprised how this simple tip accelerates weight loss.

Eat Clean:  Abs are almost 100% the result of clean eating. This is your primary focus. First commit to letting go of processed foods, foods high in sugar and all fast foods. Increase your water intake. Then learn about and start tracking your macros in your food journal. (Learn more about macros here  

I cannot stress this enough,  eat a wide range of wholesome nutrient-rich foods that you truly enjoy. Eating any other way is a big mistake. You will only see results when you consistently take control of your diet by eating healthy enjoyable foods.

Train Smart:  It is true that exclusively working out will never burn enough calories to shed serious fat. Workouts that combined muscle and cardiovascular strengthening work best. Find one that works best for you and stick with the program. Again consistency is key to getting the results you want.

That’s it. 3 things to focus on. Journal, Eat clean, Train smart. No hype no sales pressure just the skinny on getting your slim trim summer stomach.

Be committed,

Be consistent,

Put in the work.

This summer has never been a better time for you to trade in that spare tire for the rock hard abs you’ve always wanted.
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