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This post is sponsored by Snowbasin Ski Resort but opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


As recent transplants to the great state of Utah, we are so excited to check out all the wonderful things Utah has to offer.

You cannot think of Utah, without thinking of skiing, I think it is pretty much impossible to do so. Skiing + Utah are like Peanut Butter + Jelly -they just go together!

So becoming a skiing family was on the top of our list! I can see us now, all decked out in our cute ski gear cruising the slopes, then heading back to the lodge for some hot cocoa, all warm and cozy admiring the picturesque view. Ahhh I just can’t wait!

But one does not just go to the Mountain with three kids in tow, and start your venture as a “Ski Family”  I’m sure we could, but that scenario could go bad, real quick!

So I did some research and found out about a fantastic program that is being offered at the lovely Snowbasin Resort. Snowbasin Resort offers a genius Learn and Earn Program. It is the perfect solution for families and individuals just like myself who want to live the ski life, but are unsure of where to start! So stick with me and I will walk you through how this awesome program works!

Snowbasin Ski Resort Learn and Earn Program!

The Snowbasin Learn and Earn program will completely set up new skiers and riders for success! It is open to ALL ages. So whether you are 4 or 94, you can start skiing or snowboarding with this fantastic program!

The Learn and Earn Program includes all the following:

Ski Rental for The Season {If purchased before cut-off}

3 ALL Day Ski Lessons

3 Lift Tickets

A Seasons Pass after the completion of the lessons!

All for $399 – This is a crazy good deal people! You’re saving $1000!!!

Before the season starts we went  in for our custom ski fitting, they  measured the kids for boots, poles, and skis! The team at Snowbasin Resort is fantastic to work with. My kids actually enjoyed the process.


After our custom ski or  snowboard fitting we were taken on a tour of the facilities. The main goal was to make us comfortable at the resort, and to make sure we knew where everything is! Like the bathrooms. You know all the valuable information you need to know!

That way when we come to ski we won’t have “NEWBIE” written all over our faces.

After we completed our fitting and took our tour, we are able to schedule our 3 ALL Day ski lessons!

The lessons are available daily and start at 9:30am and go till about 3PM. A lunch is included in the lesson. {Another sweet perk!}

Once the kids complete their 3 lessons they “graduate” and receive their very OWN ski pass.

It really is that easy!!

We registered as a family and did our tour in mid-November.

Then we had to wait for it to SNOW! – My kids did get a little antsy as when they were finally going to be able to ski.

But Good News!! The Snow has finally hit Utah in a BIG way – so we are excited to hit the slopes, so we can officially be a skiing family!


Mr. Thueson was absent on the day of our tour – but we’ll get em’ out the slopes with us! Stay tuned as I will be updating you all on “Project Offical Ski Family” For more information on the Learn and Earn Program -head over to Snowbasin’s website!

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