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Take It To The Curb – Boo-Tay Work Out!


The other day I was out walking and I couldn’t help but notice the curb… I thought to myself; what a great surface for a simple at home workout. There is just enough of a ledge to make things a bit challenging. And pretty much everyone has access to a curb. So this is one easy and accessible workout, to kills those buns! And one last ditch effort to enjoy being outside before things really start to cool off! So here you are folks the rock star Take It To The Curb – Boo-Tay Work Out! Your buns will thank me! 🙂

Take It To The Curb Workout

Start with a little warm up of 1 minute of step ups! They are super easy to do and a great way to work your whole body at once. Just step up on the curb one foot at a time at your quickest pace. Your heart will get going pretty

quick with these.

Steps Ups

Then take it to some lunges! Because let’s face it – no good boo-tay workout is complete without some lunges!


Next is leg lifts! These are awesome for lifting those buns – doing them on the curb you’ll need to engage your core so help stay balanced…

Standing Leg Raises

Then take it down for a bit of glute bridges. These are hands down one of the best exercises for shaping your posterior.

Glute Bridges

Don’t forget to squeeze those bums on the way up! (Not sure what is going with my facial expressions lol)

Get that heart rate up again with some plank jacks! 1 Minute

Plank Jacks

Hop those legs in and out while holding plank

Now keep going with those glute bridges but add a leg in the air! You will feel the burn!

Glute Bridges With Leg Lift

Now take it to a plank and do some awesome leg lifts , your legs will be BURNING!

Plank With Leg Lift

Feel free to run through this a couple times to really kill those bums!

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