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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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This post is brought to you by Harvest Stone Crackers but opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Happy November! 


Can you believe it is already mid-November! Crazy right! 

I feel like this year flew by – but I genuinely have begun to say that every year. I think it comes with the territory of being a parent. 

With Thanksgiving NEXT week – I thought I would share some easy ideas to make your Thanksgiving tablescape Pinterest worthy!

Like many of you; I am really not that crafty! I try REALLY hard, and I have good intentions but being a craft blogger is not my forte. I’ll leave that to the experts! 

But I can show you some super easy Thanksgiving tablescape ideas to make your table ahh-mazing with minimal effort 😉 – Deal! 


If you’re setting up a long table like this one – you can grab a neutral oatmeal-colored table runner – since the table I set was ginormous I needed to use two! Just overlap them, and the fabric adds a subtle texture to your table – And since it’s not an actual table cloth your table wipes down that much faster and leaves you with less laundry! 😉   – Total Win! 

Potted plants make great table centerpieces. I picked these up at Target last year, but I am sure you can find a variation of this same design there this year or at Michaels. A Couple lantern with candles and some beautiful silver candles stick holders make the table elegant and inviting. 


I am lucky enough to have this amazing window to work with for adding a little extra to the space – but work with the space you do have!! Banners are an easy way to add some serious style to any festive gathering! And you guessed it!! I got my banners and pom poms at Target! 


I personally love setting the table with something for my guests to nibble on! Use a  nice marble cheese plate and add some crackers with a yummy dip to help your guests feel at home while you are finishing up things in the kitchen. 


If you’re looking for a delicious gluten-free dip to serve your guests on Thanksgiving – This recipe is a family favorite! It is supposed to be a cheeseball recipe, but it usually ends up looking more like a cheese blob – so to ensure you feel like you didn’t screw up the recipe – I’m re-categorizing it as a cheese dip! I have been eating this dip EVERY year for as long as I can remember! I look forward to it every year! Your guest will love it and it is super easy to make! And since it is gluten free you can serve it without worrying if you happen to be gluten free yourself or are catering to individual dietary needs on Thanksgiving, 


Mom’s Famous Cheese Ball Dip! 

2 8oz Cream Cheese

2 Bottles Old English Cheese {Can Be tricky to find – usually can be located on an end cap this time of year}

1/2 grated onion {Sweet or White onion work best

1 TBS Worteshire Sauce

2 tsp parsely flakes

Combine Ingredients with mixer and let sit for at least a half hour – over night is EVEN better! Enoy!

Makes 24 Servings

Calories 98 | Fat 8.7g | Carbs 1.4g | Protein 3g | Fiber .1g

Gluten Free Crackers to serve with this dip can be hard to find especially ones that have a nice crunchy texture and don’t taste like you’re eating cardboard.

I really like Harvest Stone Gluten Free Crackers. They have a nice crispy taste and are an excellent blend of California rice and sesame seeds. They are USDA certified organic and are a non-GMO product. But really the most important thing is that they taste good. Even my non-gluten free friends enjoyed them! 

I really hope these ideas made creating a beautiful tablescape less daunting with these easy Thanksgiving tablescape idea.

Most importantly just have fun with it! And when in doubt – keep it simple! 🙂 

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving! 

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