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The Best Boating Salad!!!

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Whip It Up Wednesday!!! 

Boy have I got a treat for you today!! Back in the day when Kelly and I first got married my sister was dating this guy whose family had a boat and he had invited my sis as well as Kelly and I to go boating for the day. Kelly and I were poor newly weds so the idea of a day out on the lake was really enticing! My sister really liked this guy and wanted to impress him so she had Kelly and I in charge of the food for said trip… My husband grew up boating and his Mom always made this great salad whenever they would go out. So in the tradition of his fam we made the infamous Thueson boating salad. This salad is not the most appetizing to look at, I’m not gonna lie. But mark my words it is one of the best and most refreshing things you will EVER eat!! It is perfect for a hot day or a day at the lake. So back to the point of my story. After a couple hours of fun water skiing, we pulled out lunch… My sister about died, she could not believe all we brought was this disgusting looking salad and how dare I do this when she was trying to impress this guy… The salad did not go over well AT ALL!! That is until she tried the salad.. (She is pretty stubborn so it took her watching us all devour it and go on about how good it was for her to try the salad) After a couple bites she was hooked and to this day she makes this salad for BBQ’s all the time!!! She now makes it for her hubby who ended up not being the boat guy. But here’s the treat for you… I actually found a picture of Kelly and I from the day of the previously mentioned incident. It’s a trip!! Enjoy!! Also you got to make this Delicious Salad It is another one of my BBQ staples!!!

The Best Boating Salad
Adapted From Jeanne Thueson

1 Large Bottle Catalina Dressing

6 Roma Tomtatoes
1 Bunch Green Onions
1 Green Pepper diced
1 Red Pepper diced
1 Large Can Diced Olives
2 Cans Dark Red Kidney Beans Rinsed
2 Cups Medium to Sharp Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Large Bag Fritos

Mix all ingredients (except chips) and let marinate all day. Serve over Fritos Chips!
This is great to make ahead!!

Look how yummy!!! It really is one of my favorite salads on a hot day!! It is really filling and makes a great meal all by itself!

Look how young we look!!! My goodness how time flies this was 12 YEARS AGO!!!!

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