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The Best Essential Oil Blends For Your Home


This post is brought to you by but the opinions expressed are 100% my own, as always. 

Over the past couple of years, I have become that “woman.” You know the one. The woman who has an essential oil blend for everything, and keeps bottles lying around and has them in her purse. Yeah, I know I am as surprised as you are. 

On my journey of discovering essential oils, I have been amazed by how much they work and improve my everyday life. Indeed they are magical, and we could all use a little more magic in our lives.

I thought it would help to share my favorite blends. These are the essential home blends for your home that I use ALL the time and swear by! 

The best Essential Oil Blends for your home

So let’s get right to it. These are THE BEST Essential oil blends for your home! (In my humble opinion) 

Now that I am homeschooling 2/3 of my kids and still trying to blog and grow my brand, Now Foods Mental Focus blend is essential! (see what I did there) I crack myself up. I have a diffuser on my desk and have this going as I am typing away, working on content, bills, and shopping… You know, anytime I want to be focused.

Essential Oils Blend for Mental Clarity and Focus

With Cold and Flu Season upon us and the virus that shall not be named still going full force. Improving one’s immunity is so important. Now Foods Nature’s Shield Blend is ideal for cleaning and freshening the air. It helps to mitigate germs that might make their way into your home. You can add it to a diffuser for cleaner-smelling air. You could also create a room mister by adding 30 drops to 1 oz of water in a spray bottle. Nature’s Shield is a great blend to promote a healthy environment.

Essential Oil Blend for Immunity Boosting

Teenagers have a smell. I love my teens and all their awesome friends. But man o’ man, this Clear the Air blend is going on repeat when they are all hanging out in my basement watching a movie or playing video games. If you have teens or if you just like a clean smell to your air, this one’s for you. Now Foods Clear The Air Blend.   Clear the Air is a MUST essential oil blends for your home. 

Essential Oils Blend for Purifyin the Air

I preach about the importance of sleep a lot on this little blog of mine. Getting a good night of sleep is SOOOO important. With a lot of external stressors at the moment, sleep can be hard to come by. Now Foods Peaceful Sleep Blend is calming and relaxing and the perfect blend to use for helping you drift off to sleep. I diffuse it in my kids’ rooms at night, and it has helped them a lot to calm down and get to sleep quickly. They now ask for it if I happen to forget. 

Essential Oils Blend for Better Sleep

As I have learned more about essential oils and how they can work together, it’s been fun to create my own blends.

I am not shy about talking about the need for romance and intimacy in marriage. This little blend is a fun one to whip up and diffuse when I want to make our night a little extra. 

Romance Blend 

Diffuse and Enjoy! 

Essential Oils Blend for Romance and Intimacy

As we near the end of the year 2020, I think we can all agree it’s been one roller coaster of a year. I have struggled to find my feet and found myself relearning much of what I thought I already knew. I grew so much this year! From a blogging/business standpoint, it has been what I like to refer to as a “building year,” I have been relatively quiet across my platforms of influence. Still, so much growth has been going on within me that I am ecstatic to share with you all and help you continue to grow. My centering and intentions blend is perfect for meditation, reflection, sitting down, and setting your goals for the upcoming year. From astrological and numerological reviews, 2021 is set to be an exciting and wonderful year.

Intentions Blend 

Essential Oils Blend for Setting Intentions

Well, friends from your crazy essential oil friend, these are my personal favorites blends that I use within the walls of our home all the time. 

To diffuse only these fantastic blends, you will need a diffuser. I love this pretty one from NOW Foods that I found on 

I love Now Foods Essential Oils. I know they are of the highest quality and are very reasonably priced. I love buying my favorite NOW Foods essential oils from  

iHerb, an online supplement retailer, and I have been super impressed. They offer over 30,000 natural products, all at responsible prices. iHerb also currently ships to over 180 countries. Their products are shipped from their climate-controlled distribution centers to ensure the quality of all their products.

iHerb offers 24/7 customer care, so if you run into a problem or have any questions, they are there, ready to help! (Help available in 10 different languages!) 


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Yay!! Love being able to give you all special deals! 


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