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The Bums and Guns Workout


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The bums and guns workout is designed to target and tone your bum and arms! The two areas that I hear women complain about the most!

One thing I can bet on after years of personal training and working with women is the fact that there are two areas we woman complain about the most – our bums and our arms. These are closely followed by our midsections.

So I thought it would be fun to create a workout designed to target both areas in one good sweat sesh.

For this workout, you’ll need a medium and heavy set of weights. Ideally, you’ll be using 8-20lbs weights. Do not be afraid of heavier weights! Really, they are your friend. Lifting weights helps you to get rid of stubborn body fat and helps increase your overall metabolism. I promise lifting heavy weights will not have you looking like Starla from Napoleon Dynamite! You need a whole lot of steroids and protein consumption to even come close to achieving that look.

This workout can be done at home or at the gym. It’s totally up to you and your current comfort level and schedule.

This workout can also be done two different ways and I encourage rotating between the two to help keep your muscles guessing and to keep things interesting.

You can do 2 rounds of 15 reps each. Doing it this way will take you through the entire workout, doing 15 reps of each exercise then circle back up to the top and start over.


You can do 3 sets of 10 reps each before moving on to the next exercise and when you’re done, you’re done!


Let’s get this bums and guns party started!

Squats: Every good bum toning workout includes squats remember to get low friends!

Skull crushers: Start on your back raise your arms high over your head. Bring your weights back to a 90-degree angle as pictured above, bringing your arms close to the body. This is a slow and controlled movement, so take your time and really control the weights.

Side Leg Raises: If you have a resistance loop that will increase the effectiveness of this move but if not, it is still a great side bum sculpting move. Loops are awesome because they’re great for traveling, very effective and cheap! A whole set is only like $12!

For this move, I like to use a heavier resistance band so that I really have to work to get that leg up! Balancing on one leg, slowly raise and lower the other leg. Whether you are doing the 2×15 or the 3×10, it’s 10 or 15 reps PER leg!

Bicep Curls: A classic – make sure and keep your core tight and do not swing your back to get the weights up. If you have to swing at all, grab a lighter set of weights. As a trainer, I see these big dudes at the gym swinging the heck out of their backs to lift heavy weights. It makes me cringe. They would be much better served to have lighter weights and proper form.

Deadlifts: – These are money when it comes to shaping your booty! While keeping your back straight, lower the weights keeping them close to your body (I envision myself shaving my legs) until you get to mid shin. Then roll back up slow and controlled, squeezing those bum cheeks on the way back up!

Upright Rows: These are a fun one for sexy shoulders. Keeping the weights close to your body pull the weights up until they are parallel. Do not overextend from the straight-across line shown above.

Lunges: Another amazing leg shaping super-move. Make sure and keep your front leg at a perfect 90-degree angle. Do not extend your knee over your front toe, and get that back leg as low as you can! Hold hand weights if you want an extra arm boost! {Again whether you are doing the 2×15 or the 3×10, its 10 or 15 reps PER leg!}

Tricep dips: Grab a small chair, coffee table, weight bench, small child, whatever you have on hand. Raise your body up and slowly lower your arms down. Keep your arms close to your body focusing on the tricep muscle and making it work! This is fantastic to help with those “bat wings”.

Kettlebell Swings: This one is kind of fun. Squat and swing the weight or kettlebell or whatever you have on hand, up and then level above your shoulders making sure to stop and control the momentum of the swing squeezing those bum cheeks at the top.

Push Ups: It wouldn’t be one of my signature workouts without push-ups! Push-ups are my favorite move to help perk up the chest and firm up those arms. Do modified push-ups as needed. But try doing as many as you can on your toes and then switch to doing them on your knees.

There you have it! An entire workout designed to target and tone the two problem areas y’all like to complain about.

And after all that heavy lifting make sure and be a good girl and drink your BCAAs they are so important to help your body repair and recover after a workout.





  1. Ohhh I love this. I’m always looking for great new workouts I can do at home!! Going to be adding this to my routine.

  2. Allyson Zea says:

    I’ve been working really hard to tone up my arms! I think I’m going to give these a try because this is way better than going to the gym every day, and this will help me when I don’t have time to get there. Thanks for sharing these

  3. I go to CrossFit and part of the reason I do is that I never will work out on my own (except for running). I have to have someone telling me what to do! Still….this is a great at-home work out. Can you do anything about my motivation? 😉

  4. Thanks for the work-out ideas! I love being able to do them in the privacy of my own home on my own schedule!

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