The Power 100

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This post is brought to you by Now Foods® – I am a NOW Foods® Product Ambassador – but opinions expressed are as always 100% my own! 

Hey There friend!! I am so glad you stopped by! This workout is a good one… It will challenge you, get your heart rate up, and help you strengthen and tone your muscles! All good things! 😉 

So what is the Power 100!? – You ask… 

Let me break it down for you! 

There are 10 exercises you’ll do 10 Rounds and at the end of each round you will drop the last exercises listed – So the number listed in front of the exercise is the TOTAL amount you will do of that one exercise when all is said and done. 


Let’s get sweaty! 


I made this handy dandy graphic to make it easier for you to follow along at home! But I know some of these movements, you might not be quite sure how to do them properly or are unfamiliar with… No worries that’s what I am here for!

Exercise #1 Jumping Jacks -{100}  


Let’s for a moment pretend my eyes are wide open and not closed 😉 LOL – Anyways you got the idea jump out with both your hands and feet and jump back in … Out and back in counts as 1 Rep!

Exercise #2 – {90}


For a basic lunge step your foot out and lower your body down until your front leg is at a 90 degree angle. Be careful not to extend your knee over your front toe! Just lower your body straight down! – The Count is Right Leg Front Lunge,  Left Leg Front Lunge = 1 REP

Exercise #3 Push Ups -{80}


Place arms at your sides for a great back workout keep em’ close to your side and not wide! Keep your legs close together and keep your abs in tight and lower down! – If you need to drop to your knees – there is no shame or judgement in that! Just keep challenging yourself to do one more on  your toes 😉

Exercise #4  V- Ups {70}

So on the day I chose to shoot these pictures – it was freezing cold! And I totally forgot to take a picture of what a proper V-Up looks like…. Lucky for you I just happened to have a little video clip on the proper way to complete a V-Up! 

Exercise #5 Tricep Dips {60} 


Position yourself in a reverse plank and lower your arms to a 90 degree angle – keeping yoru arms close to your body and your BUM up and tight… OR you can use a table or chair and lower your body from a seated position 

Exercise # 6 Squat Jumps – {50} 


A Squat Jump is exactly like it sounds – Squat the pop up into a jump! If you have knee issue just do a slight pop up – or if you want to Challenge yourself – try for some major air use those arms to help power you! 

Exercise #7 – Inch Worms -{40} 


Inch Worms are gonna feel like heaven right about now! You’ll start in a standing position, then bend over and walk your hands out to a plank position and walk your hand back and slowly roll your body up one vertebra at a time! 

Exercise #8 Bicep Curls -{30} 


Bicep CURLS! My favorite – a must to have ripped lady guns 😉 Lower your arms all the way down and curl those arms up – slow and controlled both ways! Do not be afraid of a slightly heavier weight! Your weights should weigh more than your purse ladies! 😉 

Exercise #9 Plank Jacks – {20} 


You’ll be super glad you only need to do 20 of these…. LOL – So in a plank position with abs in tight and bum lowered hop your legs in and out – out and back in counts as 1! 

Exercise #10 Surrenders -{10} 


Start in a standing position and and lower on knee down then the next knee down until you are kneeling then slide your knee forward and use that to bring both knees back up into a standing position – start the next rep with the opposite leg. 

After ALL That work your body and your muscles are going to BE super tired and will need some help with recovery! I wanted to introduce you to two of my favorite “go to” supplements that keep my body strong and able to continue to work out daily at an intense level. Even if you are not working out intensely every day these supplements are amazing at keeping your muscles in tip top shape! 


Recovery Factors – from Now Foods®  IS ahhmazing! I started taking it a couple months ago after my trip back to their facility and I have been amazed at how fast my body recovers! My bosy does not get as stiff and sore as it use to! NOW® Recovery Factors™ is a bioactive whey protein derived from bovine colostrum that has been microfiltered to achive a higher protein content. The resultant concentrate includes lysozyme, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, IGF-1, and other components that are known to support the healthy repair and growth functions of the immune and gastrointestinal systems. This can be especially important for athletes, because intense exercise can temporarily stress the immune system and GI barrier integrity.* – Nerd Lingo aside it helps your body recover faster after intense workouts 😉 Like the one you just did! Well done by the way! 


The other supplement that I LOVE for recovery and overall muscle wellness is @Now Foods Sports Omega with CLA– When combined with the Recovery Factors you have a power due to help keep you in the game! They help keep those muscles from aching! NOW® Sports Omega with CLA is a blend of fatty acids (FAs) that promotes a balanced immune system response to the challenges of vigorous exercise.* Omega-3 FAs, especially when combined with exercise, can help to support the maintenance of normal blood lipids.* These fats may also help to minimize temporary, but minor muscular aches and pains associated with intense physical activity and support overall joint comfort.* This product includes CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) for a comprehensive nutritional oil blend. – So you know you should be taking an Omega supplement anyway for heart health – this way you’re getting the heart healthy Omegas you need + the CLA that helps with muscle recovery! A Total Win! 🙂 


There you have it beautiful people! A KILLER workout and my top 2 secret supplement weapons that keep me in tip top shape! OH and pain free! 😉 

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