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The Power Of Forgiveness

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The power of forgiveness can heal you and allow you to let go of pain and anguish that is holding you back from moving forward and fully living!

Holding on to things that have hurt us in the past only wreaks havoc on us. Nothing good ever comes from not forgiving. It is so important for our own health and emotional healing to learn to let go of pains from the past. We all know this is true but actually letting go of all these emotions that bog us down is another thing. I love working with people on healing traumas from the past. Regardless of whether they are big things that have happened or small, understanding this one thing can really help us forgive.

Think of life as a classroom. When you sign up for college you decide on the degree you want to earn. Let’s say you want to get a master’s degree in something. In order to do that you will need to take a number of classes to attain the knowledge. You’ll also need a whole bunch of different teachers, lessons, tests, studying, dedication, focus and time invested. It takes a lot of work to receive a master’s degree.

Life is similar except the lessons we wanted to learn are many times much much deeper such as forgiveness, self-worth, unconditional love, selflessness or independence. We had soul contracts with several different souls before we were ever born. Soul contracts are agreements we made with each other to help us attain our “degrees” we wanted to earn in life. These different souls agreed to show up in different roles as teachers for us. Surely we all wanted to learn not just one thing but several. When we look at our lives and get quiet we can start to see what lessons we signed up for.

Based on the first part of my life it’s obvious to me that I wanted to learn self-worth. In order to do this a number of things had to line up. First I had to completely forget my self-worth. If we all remembered who we truly are there would be no challenge in this because we are powerful, magical, spiritual beings having a human experience. A huge part of the human experience is forgetting our power or there would be no challenge and what’s the fun in that?! So I forgot my self-worth. I completely and utterly forgot! In fact, I even fell so low that I truly started to hate myself.

I‘ve had amazing teachers that I chose to help me lose my self-worth. These teachers come in the form of family members, friends, love interests or even what we think are strangers. One of my greatest teachers in this life has been my father and I know we have a soul contract. I spent many years holding negative emotions about my childhood and the hard lessons I learned from him. When I started to understand soul contracts that all changed. I asked him to show up how he did and he did a phenomenal job! I also know this wasn’t easy for him because he truly loves me deeply. In fact, the people we have soul contracts with do love us deeply, all of them do! Even if that means they are showing up to play the villain in our life.

Not all soul contracts were to learn painful things. Some of them are light and positive or a mixture of both. I have a contract with my sister. She has always remained by my side to remind me who I am to give me enough confidence to go to the next level and keep progressing. I also have one with my husband he has been at the heart of my awakening of who I am and he didn’t enter my life until I was twenty-nine years old.

Since I have accepted this knowledge of soul contracts I have been able to forgive several people in my life including my parents, ex-husband, ex-boyfriends, past friends and even myself. I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life but this doesn’t always happen immediately for me. Sometimes it takes awhile to process the pain and then be able to forgive.

This also doesn’t mean when we forgive someone that we want them present in our life. Sometimes it means we let them go, receive the lessons we learned and then move on. I encourage you to take some time to sit, get quiet, look back on your life and start to see the soul contracts you have made. Then start to let go of the pain so that you can receive the beautiful gifts and lessons those experiences were meant to give you. You truly deserve them!

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