This Week…

Life has a way of happening and moving forward with a speed of its own.

I fully intended on writing an amazingly deep and connective piece about starting my last year in my thirties. Yep turned the big 39 this past month and I want to make my last year in my thirties one of some major change and goal setting – more on this next week.

But here is what happened.

Photographer hasn’t got pictures back to me for said post, I am not mad she has a life of her own and is pretty busy too!

Then my parents and niece and nephew came into town so all my “time” to write quickly flew out the window as we have played and enjoyed each other’s company.

So here I sit on Friday morning at the crack of dawn after a late night – trying to write a post that I promised last week.

But in truth, that is what happens.

We can make all the plans in the world and plan on being super productive in the midst of having so much going on, but sometimes we fail and guess what, that is normal and what makes us human.

So I apologize, and I admit that like so many of you I don’t always have my shiz together and sometimes I will fail. Sometimes blog posts get pushed to the back burner, family always comes first- no matter what.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation – give yourself a dang break!! Love yourself and realize that perfection is completely overrated! 😉

But here is the good news – I have had an amazing week playing and having fun with my kids and family making memories that we will all treasure forever. I will hold onto that win and call it good.

Also, update on last week’s car debacle… 

We have now learned that the “perp” was indeed high as a kite and not only damaged Kelly’s car but also several store windows in the complex, as well as some serious damage to his very own car. I cannot imagine what kind of dark and scary place this guy was in to be so lost that he was capable of such anger and destruction. I hope that because of this it will be a wake-up call for him to get the help that clearly he needs. We have no idea yet if the guy has insurance or any money to cover damages, my guess is not.

After Kelly took it in for repairs it was deemed completely “totaled” so on top of having my lovely family in town we also have been scrambling to find a new vehicle. Which sounds like fun, but it is so different when you are forced into a situation vs. doing the research and planning to buy a car.

Kelly freaking loved his Honda and kept it immaculate + it was almost paid off!

So trying to find a used car that is super clean, low miles, and within our price range {trying to stay out of more debt} has proved a daunting task. But I am pleased to announce that we managed to find a decent substitute – is it as cool as his old car no, but it will do.

I’ll share pics of our new ride in my Instagram stories! We are picking it up tonight – #datenight

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