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A Unique Watch For Your Unique Guy


This post is brought to you by JORD® Watches but opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Finding a unique watch for your unique guy can be tough! Surprise him with this cool watch that he will remember forever. 

This past month my Hubs turned the big 4-0! Trying to find the perfect unique and fun gift for him that showed him how much he means to me was tough. 

How do you find a gift that says… 

Thanks for being my best friend 

Thank you for being my biggest fan 

Thanks for being my safe place 

Thanks for taking an endless amount of workout photos of me over the past four and half years, with only a small amount of sarcasm. 😉 

Thanks for being my lover. 

Thanks for being an awesome Father to our Kiddos 

Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family.

You know a gift that sums up and represents all the things our men means to us. 

unique watch

So I was super excited when I found these cool watches from JORD! They are crazy beautiful and made of wood and crafted by artisans. They really are the coolest watches! A unique watch for your unique guy for sure!

unique watch #2

Doesn’t it look great on Kelly! It really is a cool watch!!

It was so fun to watch him open it up on his birthday! It’s just as cool and unique as he is! And he loves it! So a total win. #GoMe

So if you too are in need of a cool and unique gift for your man check out JORD watches! Hopefully, your man will love it as much as mine.

JORD Watch

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  1. Gifts for men says:

    Love some of their designs especially the blue face!!

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