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Unsolicited Advice For Moms of Picky Eaters

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I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

As a Mom of a picky eater, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of “unsolicited” advice… Believe me I’ve heard it all too.


Although their advice comes from a good place, I see their judgement and disapproval as I order a side of bacon for my kid at Subway. My heart hurts enough that my kid will not eat. The fact that I found something she is willing to eat is a humble win. So please know those judging eyes and knowing looks with a “well have you tried….” do not help me feel like the awesome Mom I know I am.

So this post is not going to give you a ton of advice on how to get your kid to eat broccoli – I’m sure you’ve heard all that already!

But what I will provide is my voice, the voice of  a Mom who loves my child and knows exactly what it feels like to feel like less of a Mom – because me child doesn’t eat as well as yours…

#1  Please know that if you are an amazing Mom! The fact that your child doesn’t eat veggies doesn’t negate that fact! We are all trying to do our best!

#2 Your child is hard wired not to starve. They will find enough food to meet their needs. Is it in the form you would like, probably not! But they will not starve! Several doctors have reassured me of this fact 😉 

#3 Goldfish crackers for dinner and lunch is totally okay! Give yourself a break – just be grateful your child is choosing to eat SOMETHING!

#4 Be persistent – Although I know Miss Tatum will probably not eat what I put in front of her 8/10 times at least she will eat 2 of them! A small win is still a win!

#5 Be Loving- Your child needs your love as much as she needs to eat that broccoli, if not more so! So many times I have had to walk out of the room and put myself in time out and come back in and try to get Tatum to eat from a place of love and not anger. Trust me LOVE works much better than anger and threats. {This one is WAY harder said than done}

#6 Find small ways to help sneak in more nutritional value – Tatum loves protein shakes! It is about the only way I can get protein in her – since she will not eat any meat unless it is bacon or pepperoni. So when I make her shakes I add in spinach or kale and it works for us! This might not work for you. But don’t give up! Keep trying to sneak in more whole foods in!

#7 Find good alternatives for getting proper nutrition in! PediaSure® SideKick drinks have been a “go to” for us! They are super portable and with  7g protein, 3g fiber, and 25 essential vitamins and minerals they are perfect for kids {cough cough Tatum} who are growing fine but missing key nutrients. They can be found easily at Walmart in the baby section.



So hang in there Moms of picky eaters! You are doing a great job! Kids are who they are! Their stubbornness and stick to it-ness will serve them well in life! It’s our jobs as their Moms to make sure we help channel that in a good and positive way! 😉 

And if you see a Mom at a Subway ordering nothing but a side of bacon and apples slices – please refrain from judgement just offer that woman a smile and you’re doing an awesome job! She needs that more than anything! 

Ohh and For more info on PediaSure® SideKicks check out this link here


  1. Sarah Bennett says:

    Andie! I love this post!! I had a lot of hard years trying to figure out my kid while pushing away all of the negative that surrounded me & resulting in not feeling good enough. There were awful comments that I’m sure when given didn’t know how much they hurt. I wish I would have read something like this 5 years ago. Keep up the good work!

  2. ntsekiseng says:

    Thanks a million. This post is a blessing.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We picky kid parents need to stick together! <3 Andie

  3. Steve Gan says:

    Thanks for sharing! My son is a picky eater too and I totally agree that Pediasure have been helping my son to fill his nutritional gap ever since I started feeding him Pediasure. No more worries for picky kid parents! 🙂

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