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10 Weird Challenges Just For Men

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From the dawn of man, men have had a need to challenge themselves and push limits these 10 crazy and weird challenges will do just that? Are you up to it?!

For as long as man has been on the earth he has faced life-threatening challenges.

Surrounded by trial and trouble, hungry, cold, wet, tired and alone, facing fear in every form;  man came, he saw, he conquered.

And then “man,” wrote about his exploits which then got made into a movie that went on to be a box office smash and inspired millions of men to rise up and conquer the forces of nature and ultimately themselves.

Which leads us to our present day and age. Where the unquenchable flame of desire still burns in the hearts of men and women, all seeking to find a test of their physical abilities, mental strength, and moral courage.

From the dawn of man, men have had a need to challenge themselves and push limits these 10 crazy and weird challenges will do just that? Are you up to it?!

Why challenge ourselves?

The unchangeable fact is we only have one life. Attempting to avoid challenges is to sacrifice expansion and growth for convenience. Growth only comes when, like a small bird we break out of our shell, our routine, out of what we think we know, out of the comfortable illusions of our mind.

My invitation to you is to seek out experiences that bring you face to face with your limits.

Because in that place you can see your weaknesses and your strengths. Seeing clearly, you can take inventory without excuse and without exaggeration. You can determine the ways you must improve and move your life forward.

Today there are hundreds of ways to challenge oneself to push to the brink of all we think we are and beyond.

Below I have listed a few of the weird, super challenging and moderately challenging events to get you thinking about the experiences that can serve you in breaking out of who you think you are and what you think you are capable of.

Let these examples get the ideas flowing, let the desire to be more burn bright. Stop floundering in familiarity and pick a new experience, one that excites you. Then start preparing, give your best effort and feel invigorated by the fresh air of limitless possibility.

Experiences That Expand Our Limits:

The Weird.

Ferret Legging– a “sport” where a man takes two ferrets makes them good and angry then shoves them down his pants to see if he can stand the “pain” longer then his competition. (world record is 5 hours)

Extreme Ironing– is a “sport” that involves a person (98% men) who grab an ironing board, then travel to some unlikely location like a lake, where they hop on a wakeboard and while swooshing across the lake they iron a blouse. Or they leap from a plane and start ironing pants just to show the world that there is no excuse for not staying wrinkle-free.

Buzkashi– a sport in central Asia in which horse-mounted players punch and curse at each other while attempting to take a dead goat from one another and then throw the mutilated carcass across a goal line for two points and a plate of falafel.

Super Challenging Events.

(These sear your soul)

Plain 100—  A race that was started in 1997 which takes runners on remote trails and forest service roads through the Washington Cascades. This race askes runners to be totally self-sufficient and remain in integrity as there are no aid stations or check-ins. Only 100 people have finished the race since its inception.

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Challenge-–  This event takes racers through 100 miles of Alaskan Wilderness. On top of the unpredictable weather and rugged terrain there is no route and using GPS is not allowed. Since the challenge was created in 1982, only 10 to 15 people a year attempt this challenge.

Marathon des Sables—  This event is held in Morocco each year and has participants covering 156 miles across desert terrain in 6 days. The added challenge is each racer must carry all of their own supplies except for a small ration of water given them at checkpoints along the way.

Tough Challenges

(These stretch you without the life-consuming training and expense of Super Challenges)

GoRuck-Add weight to a backpack then join up with friends to take orders from a member of the US Military Special Forces as you hike through the night carrying assorted items like logs and buckets of water. A typical GoRuck will engage you for 12 hours and 20 plus miles.

70.3 Triathlons—  These triathlons cover 70.3 miles by swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles followed by a 13.1 run all done in 6 to 8 hours. These events are a great test of physical and mental ability and there are so many beautiful courses to choose from.

From the dawn of man, men have had a need to challenge themselves and push limits these 10 crazy and weird challenges will do just that? Are you up to it?!

Tough Mudder—   Is an obstacle event that covers 12 wet and muddy miles that typically takes 3 to 3.5 hours to complete. Unlike a triathlon, with a Tough Mudder you are not timed individually, rather these events encourage a team approach to tackle all the fun. 

La Jolla Rough Water Swim—  Is an example of the many open water swim challenges you can do. The La Jolla began in 1916 and offers a 1-mile and a 3-mile swim. The event is timed and encourages racers to finish in under 2 hours.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events. Here is to You becoming the very best You can become. Good Luck!


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