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What Nobody Tells You, About Motherhood.

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I am so excited to introduce another AMAZING contributor! I am beyond thrilled to see Maybe I Will continue to grow and provide more and more industry experts! I had the privilege of meeting Regina Dickinson awhile back she is an energy and alternative health healer and pretty much an all-around miracle worker. I first met Regina when I took my oldest daughter to see her to see if there was anything we could do naturally to cure Morgan’s acne. I had already seen a dermatologist who had subscribed acutane, but the idea of my 14 yr old having to take a pregnancy test and sign waivers to be sexually safe. – I was like WTH?! If this medicine would do that much damage to an unborn baby what is it doing to my beautiful lovely 14yr old baby? 

Enter Regina, between muscle testing and her oils, and herbal supplements know how am so excited to say that Morgan’s acne is clearing UP!! It is so fun to see her feel confident and proud of her skin.

Regina will be sharing her mothering advice – (she is a Mom to 7 kids!) and her wisdom on curing all kinds of every day “WTH” ailments NATURALLY!! 

So without further adieu… Ms. Regina! 

WTH?? Seriously?! No one said a dang thing! Did I miss the freaking memo? All I got was the “don’t ask look” or the short answer “you’ll understand someday when you’re my age” when I dared ask the “hard” questions about being the woman, wife, mom and friend I wanted to be. Ring a bell? Are you gett’n me or was I the only one standing there with the raised eyebrows thinking Ookkaayy – she needs to get a life, when what I heard felt like the stupidest answer.

So what did I do? I shrugged my shoulders being the naïve, idealistic dreamer that I was, and thought  “I’ll figure it out. How hard can it be?” and I jumped in with both feet. I choose to have seven of the most INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL children heaven could send, seven times the joy I ever thought possible, seven of the most beautiful and bonding breastfeeding adventures and….. along the way…. OHHH YA

To go with all this amazingness… boobs that deflated to one seventh my pre-childbearing size! Yes! It’s a thing… deflated boobs!

Oh? What? No one told you how mom/grandma got that way? Ya, me neither! News to me! I thought it was just poor bra choices or old age too, not pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Can you relate to my surprise, looking in the mirror at the ripe old age of 28 and seeing what can only be described as – This CAN NOT be happening- this CAN NOT be me?! Pretty sure you’ve been there and if you haven’t been, bookmark this page- believe me you’ll be back soon.

Actually, deflated boob syndrome is one of the “easier” surprises I’ve learned “the hard way” after becoming a mom. As it turns out, there is so much more life had in store to teach me.

Like, nightmare nights, in the pediatric intensive care unit, alone and praying with every ounce of my being for my infant son to recover from Group B Strep without brain damage. Or riding the waves of the kids being well then super sick, and cleaning up after projectile vomiting and a myriad of bowel issues off and on for TWO YEARS! Or how about never being able to jump on a trampoline again, ya, most of you moms know why!

Again, if you don’t, stay tuned, you’ll understand when you get to be my age! LOL ! Dang, did I really just say that?!

Isn’t that the perfect “why didn’t anyone warn me” experience. Funny thing is- it still happens to me. I still get blindsided and wonder why the heck am I still learning this crap the hard way?

Now that I’ve survived being broadsided by a million WTH freight trains, I think I understand better why no one says anything.

As far as I can tell these are some of the reasons we all shy away from talking about this stuff:

For one- It’s embarrassing! It’s super uncomfortable and easier to keep quiet. Enduring standing in the check out line with the pregnancy test AND Monistat 7 cream in the basket is bad enough let alone chatting about lubricants or sizes of diva cups! Oh heavens, can you really blame grandma for simply passing the rolls and talking about produce on sale, while she prays the burning will stop?!

Then there are the times we do venture out of our comfort zone, we try to warn others but we get the “that’s not going to happen to me” or the “are you really talking about this” look. Human nature pulls out of us the “FINE ! Let them figure it out” resolve and we walk away with the I can’t wait until it happens to her smirk.

Sometimes, we aren’t able to explain things, no matter how much we want to. We have learned from trying to explain death to a small child or going through a divorce that there are things you just won’t understand unless you go through them. It’s not an ego trip. It’s honesty. The way we can’t taste your food for you, we can’t convey all the joys and pains that lay ahead. We can try, but we will fall far, far short.

As for me, I often hesitate because at this stage in my life, I am super aware of how LITTLE I really know! Life has a way of doing that- teaching us we really don’t know jack! Once my best friend said, you’re entering the “wise woman stage” I quickly erupted with- Oh hell no!

Still, as I watch other women (moms and not moms) try to survive as they make their way through an endless barrage of – what the hell’s – and even a few WTF?s my heart aches as I remember the years of feeling intensely lost and lonely – wishing I had only known what to expect- what it would really be like. How I remember, and still find myself in that place more often than I like to admit.

This is my why, it’s what motivates me! I long to reach out and share anything helpful that I have learned from my own gauntlet of incredible joys, sorrows, up’s, down’s and what the hell “surprises”.

The days I can look in the mirror, smile, put on a push up bra and feel beautiful, knowing that I am stronger than I thought- I’m Happy! If I can do anything to help my daughters or you do the same- I’m ALL IN!

I am excited and looking forward to our journey, sharing from the heart and learning together! Namaste’, I honor the divine woman in you.

Thank you, friends, for pausing and investing your time with me today.

Please, let me know with your comments , what you would like to chat about, TTYS!

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