Why Men Sleep Better

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Why Men Sleep Better – you’re not imagining things! Men are scientifically proven to be better sleepers and it goes back further than you think.

Newton’s first law of motion – An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

The genius of Newton’s 1st law is universally understood, appreciated and often paraphrased by men more often than the scout motto. Newton’s law in sum reminds men that when it is time to sleep, it’s time to sleep when it’s time to get stuff done it’s time to get stuff done. Simple logic, brilliantly stated, so man-like.

As discussed in a previous article, men (occasionally) get things wrong. However, when it comes to sleep men from Stonehenge to Silicon Valley immediately recognize the value of a good night’s sleep too, scientific research guys could do testing and prove that over eons of time men have evolved in highly sophisticated ways to become perfectly adept at taking advantage of the benefits of sleeping. To give only one example; a man’s body is so intuitively aware of the benefits of sleep, a few hours each day the body naturally turns down his extraordinary keen ability to hear. This unique adaptation helps ready the man for the challenges of a new day. The ancillary benefit of this natural adaptation is that it gives Mother’s the first chance to hear a baby crying in the night thus, enhancing her nurturing skills.

Since the dawn of time sleep was one of the first things that impressed man. Remember Adam? He was given the job of naming things. He took that business seriously and spent hours and hours naming things. Unlike his first week in the garden, a naked woman came out of nowhere and he had to think real fast because she had that look on her face like “Hi, remember me ?” and he said, “Eve” and she smiled and it was all good. The animals started popping up all over the garden and he had to get super creative and think all day. After the animals, there were the bugs and things he had to name. Day after day God created something and sent it down for Adam to give a name. This exhausting work never seemed to end. One day he stopped and headed over to a sunny spot and a big soft pile of fig leaves and stretched out. Eve said, “what are you doing?” “It’s the middle of the day?!” And that’s when Adam wisely came up with the word savasana, meaning nap.

Honoring the tradition of Father Adam, man has continued revering sleep, a process nature happily provided to nurture and protect him. As the world went on, things got more regulated and we couldn’t just name anything we saw. So man took the extra effort to get a poet’s license so he could legally create terms of endearment like, catch’n z’s, cat-nap, snooze, doze, forty winks, nite-nite, hit the sack, saw’n – logs, zonked, out cold, and the cowboy classic ‘shut eye’.

No matter what you call sleep, it is super good for you. The benefits are many but as usual, I am not your Mommy and here to lecture you to shut off your light and go to bed. Below are a couple of benefits of sleep to consider and a few ways to prepare yourself to enjoy that glorious time of relaxation and rejuvenation more fully.

Sleep Benefits

  1. Sleep Reduces Stress Skimp on sleep and your body will react by producing elevated levels of stress hormones. These elevated stress levels will cause a list of problems longer than your arm. Be smart. Sleep at least 6 hours a night and guard against the harmful effects of today’s faster-paced lifestyles.
  2. Sleep Improves Your Memory A lack of sleep has been shown in study after study to lower the cognitive ability of your brain. So serious are the effects of sleep deprivation that from airline pilots to long
  3. Sleep lowers your blood pressure Plenty of deep restful sleep prevents higher blood pressure that will increase your chances of heart attacks and strokes.
  4. Sleep Boosts your immune system As you sleep your body produces extra protein molecules that can strengthen your ability to fight infection. When you are feeling run down the best thing to do is get to bed extra early. That lowers the probability of experiencing a full-blown out of cold or flu.
  5.  Sleep improves mood Ever heard the expression “hey grouchy did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Lack of sleep will make you more agitated, which translates into being short, snappy, and grumpy with your family and co-workers. Shut the computer off, get your sleep and you will find that your ability to stay, cool, calm and collected increases.
  6. Get Sleep, Get Smart: Want to feel sharp, focused and attentive like Adam? Add to a great night’s sleep, a quick nap. And feel the creative power pulsing and your brain becoming more effective and productive. Make nap apart of your day and watch productivity rise.

    Ways to make sleep more rejuvenating.

    1. Keep your room quiet, cool and dark.
    2. Don’t eat 1 hour before bedtime. Sip water only.
    3. Apply Doterra brand lavender, Roman chamomile or use an oil blend like Serenity to relax the mind. >> available HERE Use Referral Code # 5725945
    4. NO electronics 1 hour before bedtime. NONE.


    Hoping the article has awakened you to take better care of yourself, by making sleep a top priority. A good night’s sleep is key to you enjoying better physical health and emotional well-being. Be wise do not underestimate getting proper rest each night. Remember as a Man you have been divinely created to draw strength and renewal from sleep. Remind your sweetheart that you must fulfill the measure of your creation, find a soft spot in a sunny window and Sleep on Men, sleep on.

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