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March Workout Plans


Workout Plans

I feel like I say this each and every month – but I am gonna say it again! This year is flying by!

Can you believe it is MARCH already?? Time to dust off my green and gold home decor and bring out my super fun SPRING stuff!! Well, that part is exciting!

And Hopefully, March will bring us all some warm weather and the sunshine… I am about done with the snow in Utah. lol  😛

Yeah for March!! It is a new month so you know what that means a new workout plan!! This month is full of fun workouts you can do anywhere! Just download the handy-dandy PDF file and each day click on the WOD {workout of the day}, and it will take you RIGHT to the post with the workout all laid out for you! It really is a super simple way to make sure you get your workout in daily and complete the month in a little better shape than you started!

I design these workout plans to incorporate cardio, strength training, balance, and speed and agility training. That way you are getting properly cross-trained and keeping your body guessing which helps to prevent plateaus and keep you losing weight and toning up! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at [email protected].

Work Out Plans

I would love your feedback – What types of workouts would you like to see more of?? What would you like to see less of… I will take both the good and the constructive criticism 😉

And make sure and tag me on social media @andiethues – Instagram and Twitter and you might just show up in my feed!

So bring on your comments!!! I want these workouts to really be a fantastic and well-used resource for y’all!

30 Day Workout Plans

To Download your March Workout Plans just click the image above and the clickable PDF will pop up! Just remember to save or bookmark the file so you can easily pull it up every day and access WOD!

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For more Workout Plans – check out these past months schedules and fun challenges!

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  1. Svetness Fitness says:

    Great plan, thanks for sharing!

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