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You’re still the one that I want


This post is brought to you by Shutterfly but as always opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

This year Mr. Thueson and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage! I really for the life of me can’t remember my life without him, nor do I want to. So many of my fondest memories involve hanging with my man. It’s easy to spend our times focusing all our attention on our kids that we neglect to give proper attention and love to our spouse. I came up with this idea awhile ago and it has become my favorite feature in our bedroom. In fact it was the first thing to go up when we moved into our new house. Every time I wake up, I see it immediately and I am made grateful and I am reminded of the awesome memories we have made in our 15 years of marriage.

Instalove wall

This project is super simple and does not at all need to be “fancy” I actually love the simpleness of it. Really all you need are one or two magnet boards and some cute magnets and you’re done! I post so many of our highlights on Instagram that it’s fun to print those off and replace an update our “instalovewall” periodically. Each picture is a moment of fun captured in time. It stands as a daily reminder that Mr. Thueson really is my best friend! And he is still the one that I want. Even after 15 years.


Did you know that you can now order 4×4 prints via the Shutterfly app straight from your phone? The app is available for the iPhone, Android, and  iPad!


I love Shutterfly, I use them for pretty much all my photo printing needs; Christmas Cards, Christmas Gifts, and our Annual Photo Family Yearbooks. And now I can order 4×4 prints to update my “instalove” wall straight from my phone! I am more than a little excited about this! And as if that simple fact was not cool enough all by itself to celebrate the launch of this cool feature you can get unlimted 4×4 and 4×6 prints for FREE! Can I get a Hallelujah?!?


So grab your phone and get your FREE printing on! I have over 1000 posts on Instagram… Shutterfly might be rethinking this offer. lol!

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