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Short on Time – 12 Minute Tabata!


This post is brought to you by NOW® Foods, But opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Do you ever have days where you accidentally sleep in and fitting in a workout seems to be NOT happening? I am an early riser and love getting up before my kiddos to workout but sometimes life happens and the alarm doesn’t go off or I completely sleep through it. On such days instead of skipping my workout completely, I will bust out a 12-minute Tabata high-intensity workout and within 12 long minutes I have completed my workout and I am back to feeling more like me. 

So this workout is ONLY 12 minutes but just be warned these minutes go by more like treadmill and microwave minutes, you’ve been warned! 😉 

This is also a great one to do while traveling!


How do you, Tabata? Set your timer there are some great apps that have Tabata timers! So you’ll work FULL out – the hardest you can for 20 Seconds then rest for 10 seconds and then move on to the next exercise in the set. Rest 1 Minute between sets – Repeat 2x! 

Set #1 

  1. High Knees – Jump as high as you can tucking your knees into your chest 
  2. Skaters – Channel your inner Olympian and jump side to side tucking the back leg behind as you land 
  3. Squat Jumps – Shorty get low low and jump up! 
  4. Clock Lunges – Lunge forward, lunge backward- switch legs – lunge forward, lunge backward – continue for full 20 seconds 

Set #2 

  1. Push Ups – A oldie but a goodie! You can do modified if needed but try to eek out as many as you can on your toes! I couldn’t call myself a trainer if I didn’t challenge a little bit! 
  2. Burpees – From tucked position jump out low to the ground and jump back in and up! Burpees are meant to have your chest touch the ground briefly before springing back up, but feel free to modify and not go as low. 
  3. Diamond Push Ups – These are great for toning your triceps and helping those bat wings! Put your hands together to form a triangle and lower yourself down just like a classic push-up pay attention and keep your elbows and arms close to the body. 
  4. Kicks – Take That!! Work out some aggression and get those legs high! Alternate between legs! 

Set #3 

  1. Jumping Jacks – another cardio classic 
  2. More High Knees! 
  3. Side Lunges: Start at standing positions and step out wide and squat down low. These are my favorite for working your side bum aka saddlebags! Alternate between your left and ride legs 
  4.  Jumping Squats: Why not end on a double dose of more squats!? 

Complete the whole kitten kaboodle twice and you are done, friend! Short workouts can be just as effective, so don’t be discouraged if you can only dedicate 12 minutes!

One crazy intense and highly effective workout done in 12 minutes! Look at you getting things done quick!! I’m so proud! Take a pic and tag me on Instagram! @andiethues 

And after a crazy intense workout like this 12 Minute Tabata make sure you refuel with some BCAAs! They will help your body repair and recover! I love the Watermelon BCAA Big 6 from NOW® Foods they are my standard go to after every workout! 



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