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Random Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt, Do Some Good!


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There is no way around it; kids love a good scavenger hunt. And if I am being honest, even as an adult, they are fun. Our brains enjoy a good puzzle.

Like many of you, my main goal as a parent is to raise good, kind humans. So anytime I can get my kids to look beyond themselves and serve others is a win in my parenting book. So like most parents, I take what I want to teach my kids, and I turn it into a game. Then they get the important lesson, in this case, kindness, and we have fun along the way. So with that in mind, I give you the kindness scavenger hunt. (complete with free printable clue cards)

This random acts of kindness game is a fun way to help your kids complete simple acts of kindness in new ways within your community. I’ll give you ideas, but feel free to adapt this kindness challenge for your family members and come up with your own ideas.

Photo of Andie and her family happy and hugging. Learning how to be kind starts at home, this kindness scavenger hunt is a great place to start.
Kindness starts at home! This fun family scavenger hunt is a great way to help your kids look outside themselves!

Clue #1

Spread kindness and brighten someone’s day
all you need is a notecard and something nice to say.

You will need index cards or markers. Have your kids create little notes of kindness, use fun, inspiring bible quotes, or other quotes about joy! Then head to a large shopping parking lot and let your kids carefully place them on the windshield of random cars. Bonus points for staying in your car to watch the reactions of those who received your act of kindness.

I like keeping these “kindness notes” in my car for an impromptu act of kindness.

Clue #2

Head to a park
before it gets dark.
Pick up 10 pieces of trash
and get out of there in a dash.

Kindness also means being kind to Mother Earth! I will always remind and teach my kids to pick litter when they see it on the ground. It is a small act that means a lot.

Clue #3

Grab the butter, sugar, and flour
and let’s bake for an hour
Sharing goodies is fun
but we’ll leave them and run.

Make some treats with your kids, and then deliver the goodies to your neighbors. Or you may want to check out if your local nursing home accepts baked goods. Our older generation loves getting visitors, and so many do not have any. Baked goods are a great way to make anyone’s day!

Clue #4

Phew, you’ve got lots of toys
Let’s share them with some girls and boys

Have your kids sort through their toys and games and donate to charity those in good condition and are no longer in use. This is a great opportunity to remind them how blessed they are and how others can benefit from their choice to share.

Clue #5

Kindness starts at home
you don’t have to roam.
Listen to your heart
and do a chore on someone else’s chart.

I love teaching my kids that kindness starts at home, and one of the easiest kindness activities is helping their siblings out with chores.

Clue #6

Reading is magic
Some don’t have books, and it’s tragic
Let’s go through yours
and head out of our doors

Have your kids go through books and magazines and donate them to a local hospital or women’s shelter.

Clue #7

Our pantry is full
and for that, we are grateful
Let’s go through our food
and we will do some good.

There is always a need for food at your local food bank. There are more options for easy donating during the holidays, but year-round the need is so great! This random act of kindness is an easy way to give back. To find a food bank near your head to this website.

Clue #8

We are on clue number eight
isn’t that great
Let’s go buy flowers
because kindness is one of our superpowers
We’ll make strangers smile
it will be a fun little trial

Surprise random strangers by giving them a flower and paying them a compliment! Nothing is cuter than getting a flower from a child with a big smile on their face, excitement radiating their little being to give you this gift. I don’t care who you are; if this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. We love this one! You don’t need to buy many flowers, just buy one bouquet and hand the flowers out individually.

Clue #9

We live in the land of the free
Because of the brave
So I have one little plea
So let’s say thank you for all that they gave.

Have notebook paper and pens and pencils out and ready for this clue. Our soldiers have given so much; a kind note of gratitude is the least we can do. Here are two great agencies to mail your completed letters to:

Soldiers’ Angels

2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio, TX 78218

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc.

3550 23rd Ave. S., Suite #7
Lake Worth, Florida 33461

Clue #10

Let’s head to the store
and we’ll give back some more
we’ll rollback those abandoned carts
and we’ll open our hearts.

Cart returning is a fun idea to get your kiddos active and do some good. I am sure the poor employee assigned this task will be forever grateful to have at least one day free of having to traipse all over the parking lot, hunting down abandoned carts.

We have so much fun as a family when we spend time together and actively choose to serve and spread kindness.

It is good self care to give back and do good things for other people. Doing good deeds not only brightens the day of the person we serve but also brightens our day. If you find yourself in a funk or your kiddo is in, when. Choose to get outside your comfort zone and give back; sprinkle some kindness.

Click the above photo to download the kindness scavenger hunt clues!

To complete this fun kindness scavenger hunt, simply print the free printable kindness scavenger hunt. You could wrap up the clues in little boxes or put them in little gift bags and number them. You could complete this challenge in a day or spread it out over ten days and complete a challenge every day.

Have fun with this; teach your kids to be good samaritans that see those around them that are in need. This challenge works great for both older kids and younger kids.

Have fun with this + and let’s spread kindness! – Love, Andie!

Much Love,


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  1. Love this idea! It’s important to get kids to think outside of themselves, and this does the trick, but in a fun interactive way.

  2. I love these ideas, they are so simple and sweet, my kids wanted to do something for other kids at school and this gave us so many ideas, thanks for sharing them!

  3. 5 stars
    These are some fun and useful tips! Some great ideas for kids; definitely going to give these a try!

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