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50 Fun + Creative Ways To Get Kids Moving!

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If you are like me and grew up in the eighties or nineties, there was no need to put any effort to get kids moving. We entertained ourselves. As a latch key kid, it was up to me to entertain myself.

I remember growing up and leaving my house at the crack of dawn to meet the other neighborhood kids to play in the summer months. We would run and laugh, breezing through each other’s homes to grab a much-needed snack and then head right back outside for more fun! There was no limit, and our imaginations could take us anywhere. I have so many memories of playing until the street lamps would flicker on, signaling us that it was time to head home after a long day of playing. 

Kids these days are spending more time glued to the TV, video games, and other screens. It is putting their health in danger. Children need activity just as much as adults do. We are all energetic beings, and our bodies are designed to move. But to be thorough, let’s dive into the science of why children need physical activity.

Why Do Kids Need To Be Active?

Research shows the following benefits of physical activity in children.

  • Being active helps kids build strong muscles and bones
  • Lowers risk of childhood obesity
  • Decreases risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves overall physical health

How Much Daily Activity is Needed?

Physical activity guidelines show children ages 5 to 18 need a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. It is also recommended that the activity is at a moderate to vigorous physical activity level.

To help promote a healthy and active lifestyle for kids and help my kids find ways to free their eyes from screens, I’ve rounded up 50 Ways To Get Kids Moving. These are fun and unique ways to get your kids moving and active. Active kids make healthy kids, so make a goal and commit to squeezing in time for play and being active.

Image of two little boys sitting on a couch eyed glued on their ipods. Outside the sun is shining a perfect day for kids to get moving
Need help getting your kids off their devices? This list of 50+ fun and creative ways to get kids moving should help!

50 Different Ways For Kids of All Ages To Get Moving. Let’s Move 🙌🏻

  1. Hop Scotch
  2. Four Square: We played this the other night, and my kids had SOOO much fun!
  3.  Phineas and Ferb Workout – Kids love this one because – screen time! I love it because they are still active! Great for all fitness levels
  4. Kick Ball
  5. Tennis – grab some rackets and hit the courts. I would feed my kids a tennis ball and then have them run down the ball if they missed.
  6.  Swings
  7.  Step 2 It Challenge
  8. Basketball – play a simple game of horse or pig!
  9.  Ring Around the Rosie – perfect for littles
  10. Simon Says
  11. Red Rover – this is a fun game to play with a group of kids
  12. Bike Ride
  13. Take a walk after dinner – Get some fresh air and play I-Spy!
  14. Soccer
  15. Tag
  16. Take it to the Curb for step-ups.
  17.  Take on The Marathon a Month Challenge! 
  18. T-ball
  19. Tetherball
  20. Hula Hooping – make it a game.
  21. Jump Rope Grab some jump ropes and jump it out.
  22. Make an obstacle course – Take turns setting it up.
  23. Go for a hike. I love using the Alltrails app to find trails near me that are a good length and easy for kids!
  24. Race
  25. Wiffle Ball
  26. Frisbee
  27. Miniature Golf
  28. Plan a scavenger hunt
  29. Plant a garden
  30. Jump on the trampoline
  31. Grab some skates or rollerblades.
  32.  Swim
  33. Handstand contest… this is a riot.
  34. Geocaching. Some terrific apps are very easy to follow, and find the hidden gems that are all around you! 
  35. Climb trees – When was the last time you did this? Please make sure they’re sturdy. 
  36.  Water balloon Volleyball – you play with sheets and water balloons!
  37. Tug O’ War
  38. Toss the football around.
  39.  Two-legged races
  40.  Egg Walk Relays – who can not crack the egg!
  41.  Indoor Rock Climbing
  42. Go to an Indoor Trampoline Park – talking about burning energy! I can usually find a coupon on Groupon
  43.  Dance Party! Nothing beats an impromptu dance-a-thon. Crank up those popular songs your kids’ love!
  44. Have your kids lead you in a “workout.” So fun. And a great way to get the whole family moving.
  45.  Set up the ole’ Slip-n-Slide.
  46. Run through the sprinklers.
  47. Duck, Duck Goose! An oldie but a goody. (Younger kids loves this one)
  48.  Take a walk and play Don’t Step On The Crack.
  49.  Hit the park: Include the jungle gym and cook up a workout at the park. Or just PLAY!
  50.  Take Twister outdoors!
  51. Ax Throwing: This one is an awesome for older kids. My Teens love it!
  52. Try exercise videos created just for kids.
  53. Build pillow forts
  54. Head over to YouTube for a Debbie Doo workout
  55. Hokey Pokey: Turn yourself about
  56. Practice Yoga Poses with your kids – There is a family yoga challenge in my Challenges Book >Challenge #41
  57. Play Hot Lava; your entire living room floor is now filled with hot lava!
Andie with her family on a hike. Even as a health and fitness blogger she sometimes struggles to get her kids moving!
Getting your kids to take a break from screens can be hard. But I promise it is worth it!

We are the role models for our kids; if they see us making time to exercise, we will help them learn to make physical activity a lifelong habit. So make time and find movement opportunities. Help your kids put down their screens and have fun PLAYING and being active! Let’s help build a healthy future for our kiddos and encourage active play. Let’s get kids moving again!

Much Love + Good Luck!

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  1. My oldest would sit in front of the tv all day if I let him! Thank you so much for this list. Now I can turn to it when I need it!

  2. Mallory Lanz says:

    My kids play so well independently, I often forget to make sure they get in some exercise. Looking forward to trying some of these

  3. What a fun bunch of ideas! Can’t wait todo some of these with my kids tomorrow!

  4. I wish kids now a days grew up being outside like we did! Love these fun ways to get outside.

  5. This looks great and perfect for my kids! I can’t wait to give this a try with my teens!

  6. I can use ALL these ideas! My kids have so much screen time now because of online learning from the current health crisis. Can’t wait to get them MOVING!!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  7. Saving all of these ideas! Genius!!

  8. Shari Griffith says:

    Sofun and such great ideas! Thank you!

  9. This is going to come in handy at just the right time! We are starting summer break and need all the ideas!

  10. These are all fun ways to get kids moving. Growing up I remember doing lots of these activities. Seems like going out and “playing outside” is less and less of thing with all the media options, these days.

  11. 5 stars
    This is such a helpful and informative post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. 5 stars
    What a fun list of inspiration! It’s so easy for kiddos to get stuck in the same old routines…these are some great ideas for mixing things up. 🙂

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