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Step 2 It Challenge!

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Get Your Kids Moving MAY Series… 

 After scoring some pedometers at the Dollar Tree store I thought I would concoct a fun little competition for my family! A Step 2 IT Challenge! Each family member was outfitted with their own pedometer. Prior to the competition we as a family sat down and discussed what the terms should be for the winner and the loser each day. After much discussion, we decided that the family member with the most steps would get to pick out what we were having for dinner the next night. And the family member with the least amount of steps would have to set the table for dinner the next night (since the steps are not counted until bedtime). Have fun with this make up your terms!!! With the rules being outlined and set up. My kids were super excited and were talking about ways they could squeeze in extra steps to win. It was a riot.
We had a blast!!! Although dollar store pedometers were not my best idea, they tend to reset very easily (which caused some tears). Overall they worked fairly well for being a buck! So I’m on the lookout for inexpensive pedometers that work better than the Dollar Store ones! It was a great way to keep my kids moving and aware of how much they were moving. It was an excellent exercise and we had a blast with it as a family!!! So will your family take on the STEP 2 IT Challenge?!?!? Let me know! I would love to hear from you and how your family took on this fun challenge!!!.

Chalk board door with family's daily step totals for the Step 2 It Daily Step Challange
Clearly, Morgan is winning the day on this family step challenge!

After the daily totals, Morgan picked Spaghetti for dinner, and Karla (a family friend) will be setting the table!!

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Good Luck!!!!

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