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8 Challenges To Try To Help Kick OFF – A Healthier 2014


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8 Challenges To Try... To Help Kick OFF - A Healthier 2014 #healthy #fitness #challenges {}


















Have you sat down yet and wrote out your goals for the new year yet?!? I haven’t! Ack!! I have them jotted down in my jumbled brain… But, I need to take the time to write them out and put them in a prominent location where I can look at them and be reminded of the changes I am looking to make in my life this year!
You know I LOVE a good challenge! The uber competitive side LOVES it! So I decided I would compile a list of some AWESOME challenges to help you get started on your health and fitness goals for 2014!

#1 Have you seen the 21 Day, Pretty much eat NO CRAP Challenge on Pinterest?!? I tried this one back in OCT/NOV and it was Awesome it helped me lose some weight and also kept me eating healthy and on the right track! HERE is a link to the pin
#2 The Six Sisters who are probably the nicest gals you will EVER meet! Came up with an awesome 8 week challenge with printables and all kinds of fun ways to get competitive! Get some friends together and put some money on it 😉 HERE
#3 Remember that one time Kelly and I did a 6 week challenge and he kicked my trash?!? I think I might have to challenge him once again — Want to Challenge your Spouse!?!?! Check it out HERE (Printables included as well)
#4 Fit and Healthy With Debie had an AWESOME Challenge and Printable Calendar with your workouts all planned out for you! HERE
#5 Who doesn’t LOVE a good Plank challenge?!? Am I right!?? Check this one out HERE
#6 Get the whole family involved with a Pedometer Challenge! HERE
#7 Let’s be Honest… After 3 kids my Abs still need some work… Good Thing I found this crazy Ab Challenge on That Healthy Feeling and I plan on working it! HERE
#8 Not That I have many occasions to wear little black dresses, oh how I wish I did! But I can rock my Maxi Skirt with a cheerio hanging on for dear live to my bootay… after I complete the Little Black Dress 30 Day Challenge HERE

I Wish You ALL a Happy and Healthy 2014!!!

Oooh I almost forgot… I created a really cool Fitness Goals Sheet that can help you keep track of your goals! YOU Can Print it HERE

What Challenge is calling your name?!?!


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