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How To Make The Best DIY Detox Bath

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This post is brought to you by NOW® Foods, as always opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Finally, I am a sharing a detox recipe that does not include drinking or eating ANYTHING! 

No funny drink to concoct and gag down, no weird diet to adhere to…

In fact, this detox method is downright enjoyable and has fast become something I look forward to! 

The ingredients are simple and readily available at most stores, making this DIY Detox Bath recipe #1 a keeper and #2 a winner!

I’ll walk you through the entire process, so you can feel confident you are mastering this Detox Bath like a champ! 

The Best DIT Detox Bath Recipe


Step #1: Water! – Run a bath so that the water is HOT, not burning but hot enough that you are a bit uncomfortable at first as your body adjusts. Please do not burn your skin! The point is, you want it hot enough to create a sauna effect, so you are able to sweat out any toxins. 

Step #2:  Add 1 Cup Baking Soda: Baking Soda will help to balance your pH levels, it also acts has an antifungal to help ward off any bacteria or infections 

Step #3:  Add 1 Cup Epsom SaltNot only does Epsom salt help to draw out toxins, adding it to a hot bath helps to soothe sore and achy muscles from working out!! {So if you are feeling sore this detox bath will help with that as well!!} 

Step #4 Add 10-15 Drops of Essential Oils – I like to add lavender! It makes my detox bath super relaxing! 

Step #5: Add 1 Cup Magnesium Flakes: {Added Bonus-Not required} 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride Flakes are an ideal natural bath additive for softening skin. Pure magnesium flakes have traditionally been used to improve skin hydration and make a soothing addition to bath water! My skin is so soft when I add this to my detox baths! 

Step #6 After adding all the above gently stir the water with your hand to make sure all ingredients have been blended. Then light some candles, play some soft music grab your tub pillow and soak for at least 20 minutes! The first 20 minutes will allow your body to detox, I recommend an additional 15-20 minutes to maximize the effect of the minerals in this recipe.

Step #7: Do not skip this step!! Increase your water intake!! It will help your body to continue to help flush out the toxins from your detox bath!  

That’s all there is, to this EASY DIY Detox Bath! I told you it was much much easier than all the other crazy detoxes I have reviewed over the years! So Enjoy this gem!!  Take this time to fully relax! Allow your mind to detox as well as your body! 

My detox baths have become one of the best parts of my week – I try to get in at least once a week. But in reality sometimes having time to soak in the tub for 20-40 minutes just doesn’t happen, because… life. 

But when I do set aside the time, my body feels so relaxed and lighter! It really is worth the investment of time! 

Have you tried a detox bath? What Essential Oils do you like to use? 

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