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How to Use Greek Yogurt As A Substitute: 5 Simple Swaps To Make Today!

This post is brought to you by FAGE Greek Yogurt, But the Opinions Expressed Are 100% My Own. 

If you have been following me on the blog or anywhere on social media, you know I am a BIG fan of food. 

If you’re new here, hello, my name is Andie, and I really love food. 

What’s fun about loving food and being into health and wellness is that I get the unique position to find ways to find foods we all love and make them a bit healthier. I take this challenge real serious. 

When I first started on my journey to take better care of myself, I first discovered the fantastic, very versatile gift that is Greek yogurt. Not only is Greek yogurt delicious on its own, but it can also serve as a high-protein swap in recipes to help you meet your wellness goals.

For me, it was a super simple swap to make. It did very little to change the actual flavor but can cut tons of calories and upped the ante of protein by a substantial amount, both considerable wins in my book.

Want a simple way to cut calories and up the protein ante? This article will show you how to use Greek Yogurt as a substitute.

Today I will share with you How to use FAGE 0% Greek yogurt as the ulitmate swap and share with you, my 5 favorite simple swaps you can make today! 

  1. Butter: This is a great swap to make when it comes to sauces and baking. The key rule of thumb is to use Greek yogurt for half when substituting. For example, if the recipe calls for 1 CUP of Butter (I know that’s a lot, just follow me), You’ll use 1/2 C Butter and 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt. TOTAL Savings: 756 Calories + 92g fat + You added an additional 10.4g Protein! 
  2. Sour Cream: This is the easiest swap to make! It’s 1-1 swap 1 Cup to 1 Cup. I use this one a lot. This swap will save you a Grand Total of 360 Calories and 40g of fat and give you an additional 16g of protein! P.S. If you still want to indulge in sour cream, FAGE makes a great one with quality ingredients, too!
  3. Buttermilk:  I love this swap because I never have buttermilk on hand! To swap out for 1 Cup of Buttermilk, use 2/3 cup Greek Yogurt and 1/4C of Milk. It will cost you an extra 10 Calories, But you’ll add 11.4g of protein! 
  4. Heavy Cream: I personally would stick to using this swap in sauces and baking only. I really don’t think it will work when making whipped cream… The trade out is 1 Cup to 1 Cup and will save you 680 Calories and 96g of fat! Adding in 24g of protein. 
  5. Mayonnaise: Another simple, easy swap both are blank canvases that can be churched up quite a bit with seasonings and spices. This swap is a massive calorie saver! 1,320 Calories and 160 grams of fat saved + 24g of protein added!

Another key thing to remember, you do not need to go all-in on swaps. You can start small and use half mayonnaise and half Greek yogurt. Then gradually work yourself up to a full swap.

Every small tweak is a step in the right direction towards your goals.

There are so many calories to be saved. Gotta love the amazingness of Greek Yogurt! I consistently stick with FAGE Total Greek Yogurt because I know the quality is the best! It is always rich and creamy and made with real ingredients.

Even when I am not busy baking and cooking, I love using FAGE completely on its own or as a high-protein treat during the day! They have these super easy to grab and go Split Cups in different flavors.

Next time you get your cook on and want to shave off a few calories in a snap, make sure and reach for FAGE Total Greek Yogurt. 

I hope these tips for “How To Use Greek Yogurt As A Substitute” were helpful! Let me know in the comments if I missed anything. What are your favorite Greek Yogurt swaps to make? 

For more information on FAGE Greek Yogurt, check out their website! They have tasty recipes and a store locator, which is helpful!


  1. This is so helpful!! Thank you so much for the tips and info!

  2. Thank you so much! I always want to make the swap but could never figure out if it would be ok and what the measurements are supposed to be.

  3. Laura Reese says:

    This is so helpful! Especially the buttermilk one. I tried it and it worked great.

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