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How To Lose Weight During The Holidays, What You Need To Know!


Yep, you read that title right! Today, I am going to share with you some ways to ensure that you not only maintain during the holidays but also LOSE! I’m not sure about you, but holiday weight gain has been an issue for me in the past! I LOVE food, and all my favorite foods come out to play this time of year. This post is NOT about saying no to all your favorites and being super-restrictive this holiday season. It IS about challenging yourself, being more in tune with your body, and working hard to be a healthier, happier you! So here you go– your complete guide on How to lose weight during the holidays! 

Photo of a cup of hot cocoa in a red mug surrounded my Christmas goodies!  In this post Andie shows you how to still eat your favorite and lose weight during the holidays!

7 Time-Tested Tips To Help You Lose Weight During The Holidays 

  1. Set a goal: This does not need to be defined by a number on the scale. You could pick a goal to complete your first 5k or workout so many days a week. Just make sure it is measurable and attainable! This goal will keep you focused! Try My 75 Days of Semi-Hard Challenge! For more details before “opting in,” check out this Instagram Post.
  2.  Try something new: This is a great time to try a new fitness routine! If you have been stuck at your weight for a bit, shake things up and try something new! There are so many awesome workouts available online and right on your phone! Just make sure your new routine is challenging and that you love it! You will not work out if you don’t love what you’re doing! And if you hate it, it will not be effective for you.
  3.  Shake up your diet: Have you heard of intermittent fasting? I first heard about it via a Chalene Johnson podcast, and I thought, why not try it? I’m here to tell you that, for me, it is working! Simply put, intermittent fasting is tightening the window through which you eat. By trimming down the amount of time, you are actually eating; you let your body stay in a “fat burn” state for longer. And you get to eat ALL your calories in a smaller window which lets you feel a little more indulgent when you eat! Want to hear the best news? You can eat “naughty” treats and lose as long as it fits your daily macros! If a diet plan was ever designed for me, this is it! I hate even to call it a diet because it’s more of a way of eating lifestyle. This does not work for everyone, so please listen to your body!
  4.  Find an accountability buddy! This is a person that, no matter what, will help hold you accountable to your goals! Set up a schedule to check in with this person daily or more if needed! You are in this together!
  5.  Know when to say no. Just because you’re invited to a million cookie exchanges doesn’t mean you must go to them all! Practice saying No! Is totally OK! You don’t need to blame it on your diet, either. You can blame it on needing to spend more time with your family. Put yourself and your goals first! In the past, I used to make huge plates of Christmas goodies to take to all my neighbors and friends. But guess what? I would eat so much as I was baking and plating that it would take a toll every year on my waistline. Not to mention it was a TON of work! So last year, I got smart and made a fun “pun intended” gift that I could buy and give. My friends still knew I loved them and was thinking about them, but all of us benefited from a little less sugar. 😉
  6.  Pick your indulgences: Eating and enjoying the holidays is one of the best parts of this time of year! So, enjoy every bite and take your time when you eat a treat! And once you’ve enjoyed the treat–STOP! Don’t feel guilt or shame; enjoy the treat and move on! By calling Christmas treats “forbidden” or “naughty,” you’re setting yourself up to down that whole pan. Instead, embrace the treats and practice eating them in moderation! You will be loads ahead of the game. 🙂
  7.  Be Prepared: This time of year is really busy, and it’s easy to want to reach for something quick and easy. That typically comes in the shape of a favorite Christmas character with frosting and sprinkles. Instead, pack your purse with easy-to-grab protein-rich foods that will keep you full and your hunger at bay until you can sit down and eat a healthy meal.
  8.  Hydrate: If you get dehydrated, it can feel like hunger, and cravings will be kicked up a notch. Make sure you are properly hydrated to help with this vicious cycle. -Opt for 2/3 of your body weight in ounces.
  9.  Love Yourself: This is not the time to be harsh and mean to yourself. If you mess up and overeat, forgive yourself and move on. It’s a journey; give yourself a damn break! You do not need to be perfect to obtain your goals.

I love to live by the philosophy that no foods should be off-limits, but there should be limits on all foods. There is no reason to limit any foods from your diet except if you have a legitimate food allergy or sensitivity. But you should limit the quantity, learn to respect your “full” feelings, and stop as soon as you hit it!

I promise that you can still eat your favorite foods and lose weight during the holidays!

Happy Eating, and ENJOY this time of year.

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  1. Andrea B. says:

    Drink more water, and don’t drink your calories!

  2. I drink lots of water. I plan to stick to my workout plan and definitely get my 10,000 steps in everyday. I watch what I eat in moderation. Maybe just sampling a small bite instead of an entire piece.

  3. I would say portion control and just try to walk as often as you can.

  4. try to stick to fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water

  5. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says:

    Don’t restrict too much, which would lead to a binge. Make sure to at least sample some faves and not make yourself feel guilty about it.

    Entered the Rafflecopter as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  6. Kim Henrichs says:

    For me, it’s making the cookies and treats – and getting them out of the house and to the people you want to get them! If I leave them in my kitchen – they’re getting eaten. A few fine, but a lot? I have no willpower over Christmas cookies….

  7. Susan Christy says:

    Stay away from the dessert table!

  8. Amber @ Awakened Nutrition says:

    Great tips! I just heard Chalene talk about IF recently too and have actually been trying it a little lately! I am definitely using that tactic during the holidays and the weddings I have coming up!

  9. Breanna Pollard says:

    Stick to a good portion and drink lots of water.

  10. Tracie Cooper says:

    I drink lots of water and eat a snack beforehand!

  11. Taylor W. says:

    Great tips! I’ve been wanting to try intermittent fasting…I think I’ll give it a shot!

    1. Good Luck! I am a big fan and it works great for me.

  12. Krissy Allori says:

    These are great tips to use for the upcoming holidays!

  13. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  14. All such great tips! Everything in moderation and stay active.

    1. Absolutely moderation and staying active are KEY!

  15. Erin | Dinners,Dishes and Dessert says:

    These tips are really helpful! Will remember these for the holidays!

  16. I’m so glad I found this article! I need help through the holidays with weight management and love these tips!

    1. Yay, so glad my tips could help!

  17. 5 stars
    I LOVE that you mentioned pick your indulgences! I’m definitely going to try that because it will make me feel so much better about the foods I eat!

  18. Journa Liz Ramirez says:

    5 stars
    Thank you for your helpful tips on how to lose weight. It is very alternative and applicable.I will surely keep this in mind.

  19. Such great tips!! Wrote them all down!

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