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I Am Affirmations Can CHANGE Your Life. Here’s How!

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I am.

These two small words may seem small and insignificant at first glance, but they are mighty. Using I am affirmations can help you see major shifts and transformations in every area of your life. In this post, we will dive deep into how exactly to use; I am affirmations to shift and change your current reality. These two words are indeed magical, but it is essential to know how to use them correctly when manifesting. So many people will start to use daily affirmations, not exactly sure how they work or how to use them correctly, and nothing changes, leaving them disappointed. With a bit of guidance and a better understanding, you will become a manifesting pro with a few helpful hints! Let’s do this!

Why Are I Am Affirmations Powerful?

Photo of Andie holding I am affirmation booklet she uses to as a guide to her daily affirmations.
I am affirmations are the key to changing everything!

First thing, let’s dive into a bit of the history of the words “I am.” Did you know that the words I AM translate into the word GOD, which translates to OM? When you see the OM symbol, it means the same thing as I AM or God. In the bible, God is often referred to as the Great I Am. God, I Am, and Om can be used interchangeably and have the same meaning.

One thing you must realize and understand on a soul level is that you are divinely created. Part of you knows this, and you can feel it resonate within you. Whether you believe in God, the Universe, or a power higher than yourself, that version of a creator you hold dear is who created you. By being a piece of God, as his creation, you also have inherited the ability to create here on earth! It is one of our greatest and most beautiful gifts. But the sad truth is that most of us sleep-walk through life and never learn to use this gift.

Many people imagine God as this man in the sky throwing random things and challenging circumstances at us to see how we handle all the crazy stuff “He” throws at us. This allows us to go through life without taking accountability for our lives.

That is not the case. We are loved more than we have the capacity to understand. That is why He gave us the ability to create, so we would learn how to use this gift to make a life for ourselves that genuinely honors our Creator and us!

I honestly believe that God wants us to live a life full of pure love, light, joy, peace, abundance, and success. What parent wouldn’t want those things for their child? But He also gave us free will to decide what kind of life we choose to create. That is entirely up to us.

Knowing that we create our lives with our thoughts is a game-changer. And knowing that I AM, are the two most powerful words we can use to create is the perfect way to wake up and start changing our lives!

Let’s start by getting an awareness of your thoughts. For a single day, take note of the thoughts bouncing around in your head. No judgment; merely observe your thoughts.

  • Notice any negative thought patterns.
  • What past experiences play on a loop within your mind? Are you still judging yourself for past decisions you regret?
  • Notice any false beliefs that pop up.
  • What worries come up?
  • Where do you doubt yourself?
  • What fears come up?
  • How many times do you catch yourself saying something like… I am so stupid. I am so tired. I am such a nerd. I am fat. I am never going to get ahead. I am so broke.
  • What limiting negative beliefs pop up?

Your thoughts are crazy powerful. By taking a whole day to take stock of where you are with your mental playlist, you can get a better understanding of where your current reality may be coming from.

Remember >>> Your thoughts become your beliefs, and your beliefs create your new reality.

Here is a real-life example from my own life: For the longest time, I always thought to myself, I am so dumb at SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Anytime the topic would come up, my heart would fill up with dread. I knew, as a blogger, it was super important to understand, but every time I would attempt to understand and learn, my eyes would glaze over, and I would feel stupid. I decided I needed to grow up and become a proper blogger and spend some time “getting it,” so I spent time every day thinking in my head, “I am a pro at SEO. It comes to me naturally, and I love it!” It may seem lame, but I kept at it. A few months ago, I was introduced to a blog coach who sat down with me and showed me how to understand SEO better. The light bulb went off, and I finally “got it.” And now, I am a total geek about it, and I love it! Seeing the blog posts that I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into are finally starting to rank on Google!! Every time I see improvement in my stats, I do a little happy dance.

Using the words I am to change my story on SEO helped me to create a new belief system, one where I began to believe that I could become an SEO expert. And the Universe showed up! The Universe brought me the right resources and people to help me create a shift in my story and shift my negative thoughts to experience what I desired.

Photo of Andie holding I Am affirmations deck, a tool she uses to manifest in her own life.
I am affirmations have changed my entire life! I am so excited to share with you their magic.

What Are The Benefits of Affirmations?

When we use the powerful statement, “I AM,” the Universe rises to grant us whatever we put behind these magical words. That is why taking inventory and reviewing how you are using these words can open our minds to better understand the world we have created thus far.

If you are using words like I am stupid, I am broke. I am never going to get ahead. I am fat. Chances are, these thoughts have led to a belief system, and you are seeing these beliefs manifest in your life.

But remember, we are magical, and we can change our lives by sitting down and spending some time creating powerful affirmations that will reach into our subconscious mind and help us to shift the negative beliefs within us.

The power of affirmations is no longer just “woo woo.” Scientists are researching the power of our minds and how positive affirmations are helping us to tap into our unconscious mind and create new neural pathways leading to a shift in our subconscious beliefs! Our minds are POWERFUL, and I believe we are just starting to realize how much power we have had all along.

How To Write Affirmations:

Start by getting clear on the life you want to create for yourself. For example, you want to lose weight. The first step is to think of the outcome you want to achieve; be fit and healthy, be lean and sexy. Whatever weight loss looks and will feel like for you. Then you want to take the outcome you desire for yourself and create an I AM statement in the present tense. You could write the affirmation to say I am fit and healthy. I love the way my body looks and feels.

When writing you’re, I am affirmations, remember:

  1. Always remember to start them with the phrase “I AM.”
  2. Write them in the present tense.
  3. Use positive words

The idea is that as you read your I AM affirmations as part of your daily morning routine or before you go to bed, your mind is automatically envisioning the outcome within your mind!

Infographic and printable with several I am affirmation examples.
These are some of my favorite I am affirmations.
Examples Of I AM Affirmations:
  • I am healthy
  • I am beautiful
  • I am comfortable in my own skin
  • I am sexy
  • I am filled with light
  • I am loved and adored
  • I am abundant
  • I am surrounded by supportive, loving souls
  • I am wealthy
  • I am successful
  • I am traveling all over the world, experiencing new cultures and adventures with my loves.
  • I am living my purpose
  • I am changing the world
  • I am full of joy
  • I am receiving (your desired amount of money) doing what I love
  • I am a wonderful mother/father
  • I am attending many fun and exciting events
  • I am in a beautiful, loving, trusting, happy, passionate, playful, supportive, loyal marriage with my soulmate.
  • I am full of peace
  • I am well respected
  • I am enjoying this incredible adventure of life
  • I am financially free
  • I am creating a whole world of opportunity
  • I am safe
  • I am kind and loving
  • I am giving
  • I am changing the world
  • I am going to have an amazing day!

For more examples, check out this exhaustive list!

Get creative! Remember, you are creating the life you want! Dream big. The desires within your heart were there for a reason! They are looking to find a home within you! Have fun with this, create a brand new abundance mindset, and create a more confident version of yourself!

How To Use I Am Affirmations:

I am affirmations laid out on table showcasing a couple of examples.
This is my personal deck of I am affirmations I carry with me everywhere!

Now that we have crafted our I am statements, how do we incorporate and use them to create this new life of ours? Just like going to the gym, affirmations need to be done consistently to see results. The more you say them and weave them in throughout your day, the more powerful they become. I created my I am statements and put them on a little single-ring index card set, and I carry them with me everywhere I go!

Things To Remember When Saying Your Affirmations:

  1. Repeat them daily with positive energy and positive emotions. Repeat them with excitement and enthusiasm!
  2. Believe that what you want is already on its way to you! You would never second guess the delivery of your Amazon order. The same thing, place your order and have faith! Your order will show up at the right time!
  3. Listen to your intuition and take action when prompted. Inspired ideas will come to you quickly when creating. Pay attention and TRUST your inner guidance system.
  4. Set daily reminders on your phone so you don’t forget to repeat them! I have an alarm set for 11:11 AM daily to take a break and repeat my I AM statements.
  5. Believe you are worthy of good things!

Good Luck and I cannot wait to hear about this new life you are creating for yourself! I cannot tell you how many times I have manifested miracles in my life and immediately thought to myself, this shit works! It does!!!

Your whole life can change in beautiful amazing ways, but it starts first with two little words. I Am

Much Love,

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