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It’s time to PLAY workout!


Do you remember those days as a kid where you played all day, almost to the point of exhaustion? You played and played until your Mom MADE you come inside to eat dinner. Some of my best childhood memories involve just being outside; racing the neighbor kids, riding my bike to the neighborhood pool, and playing tag until we could barely see. Those were the days! Days full of life and fun! Sometimes it is really easy to  get so wrapped up into being “fit” and going the gym and checking off this exercise or logging so many minutes on the treadmill that the fun and joy of moving our bodies is completely stripped away and it becomes a chore. Don’t get me wrong if you want the bod, you gotta do the work!!! It’s that simple! But I propose taking time out to PLAY and make your next workout a fun one!! So I’m bringing childhood fitness back!! (Said in my best Justin Timberlake Falsetto) You’ll have fun! But you’ll also get a killer workout with this It’s Time to PLAY workout! Check out my “MOVES”…. as my son always says. 🙂

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It's Time To Play Workout

Tea Cup Dips

When I was really little I was short and stout, My Mom would have me sing I’m a little tea pot short and stout tip me over and pour me out.. You know the rhyme! But it is also a great way to work them abs! So channel your inner teapot and get your tip on.

Football Shuffles

Football drills! I dare you not smile as you shuffle back and forth as you get low.

Dance Kicks

Remember those days as a kid where you dreamed of being a dancer or cheerleader?! These high kicks will kick your booty into shape! Gooo You!

Kriss Cross Gonna Make You Jump

Kris Kross is gonna make jump…jump!! Come on tell me you know don’t have that song stuck in your head! Kriss Krosses are a great way to get that heart rate up and have some fun!


When I was thinking about exercises from my childhood my daughter told me these “candlesticks” were what all the cool kids do at recess! So I gave them a try! They are a pretty sweet all over move! Lift that booty high and crisscross your legs in the air while balancing!

The Running Man

The Running Man… Need I say more! How many of you ROCKED this move back in the day!! It still is a great way to burn some serious calories!

To do these moves as a complete workout; Complete as follows!

Start with a jog around the neighborhood – for 5-10 minutes I want to see you running like Phoebe from Friends do you remember that episode?!?…Have Fun!

Once you have warmed up with your fun run – complete this circuit 3-4X all the way thru!

Tea Cup Dips 15 each side then bend over as far as you can without toppling over 😉

Football Shuffles – 45 Seconds get low and hands up

Dancer Kicks – 20 each Leg – Get em’ high like you’re trying out for the Rockettes

Kris Krosses – 45 Seconds I want to see jump jump

Candlesticks – Hold legs straight up and crisscross your legs – believe me when I say this one is harder than it looks! But FUN!

The RUNNING Man – 45 Seconds channel those killer moves from back in the day!

Fitness doesn’t need to be a CHORE! Have fun! Find fun new ways to get out and move! Your body will love and thank you! If you like this workout check out my previous throwback to childhood fitness post!


    every damn day 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun workout!

  3. LOVE IT! Have you ever worked out on a playground before?? Another great way to play workout!

    1. YES! Love taking the kids to the park and getting my workout on as well 🙂

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