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Let Freedom Run


Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore the 4th of July?!? It’s right up there with Christmas for me! For starters it’s the day before my  birthday! As a small kid my parents had me convinced that the fireworks celebration was to commemorate that my birthday was the next day.. Yep I had those awesome fun parents 😉 It was a little bit of a let down when I discovered that no they were not actually meant only for my benefit, but for the benefit and celebration of the forming of this great United States. I surmised at my young age… that if I did in fact need to share my birthday with someone, it might as well be the United States! So every year we party and celebrate getting one year older together.

Yet another reason I LOVE the 4th of July is that it usually includes a race! I love a good 5k or 10k – it’s a great way to kick off the day! I love the idea that I can run, get a shirt and a cool medal. It is pretty much the idea of perfection. Sign me up!

Red White and Blue Food Decor and Craft Ideas

So for this year’s annual Blogger Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop I thought it would be fun to combine a couple of my favorite things. Running and the 4th of July – by designing this awesome tote-able water bottle. So after running your race or not… you can stay hydrated and brag a bit that you let FREEDOM run!

So make one for yourself or make one or two for a friend! These would make a great gift for your running pals… Not sure if they are a runner, don’t worry they’ll tell you. LOL 🙂

Let Freedom Run

This is a little more advanced design than I have done in the past… So here is the silhouette file and make sure and watch this great video on how to layer your silhouette designs.

I thought this was a pretty easy to follow tutorial! I even added the boxes to follow in my design so you should be all set!

My favorite place to get vinyl is Expressions Vinyl

Materials List

1 Sheet Red

1 Sheet Navy

1 Sheet Silver 

1 Sheet White 

Now that you’ve checked out my fun idea! Go explore and get all hyped up and ready for the 4th of July with ideas from other Ahh-mazing bloggers! 🙂

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