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How to Prevent Chafing For Us Non Thigh Gap Girls

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Chafing is the worst kind of pain in the world, learning how to prevent chafing will save your thighs and allow you to continue to rock your running shorts!

Over the past few years, I have developed a love for running. I also have developed an acceptance of my body and realizing that even though I do not have the perfected thigh gap, I can still rock a pair of running shorts with no shame.

So after much deliberation, I was super stoked to buy my first pair of speed shorts from Lululemon.  If you haven’t tried them they are my favorite running shorts and I feel they look good on all body types, including my short and curvaceous frame.

So I felt pretty dang cute and legit as I headed out the door on my first long run sporting my speed shorts. It felt so good to have my legs uncovered a bit while I ran the air and sun warming them as I ran. But as I ran longer and longer it was apparent that my thighs were causing some serious friction and I found myself in serious pain. But as a self-titled “tough chick” I battled on burning pain and all – after the completion of my run -my thighs were on fire and not in the way you normally are after a good workout – they were raw and a couple sores had formed where my skin had literally been rubbed raw.

As a gal who does not sport super thin perfect gap legs…  Needless to say, I got some serious chafing…. let’s just say walking was no fun! For the next couple days, I was in no shape for a run and I hated it.

I loved my new shorts – but obviously was NOT a fan of the chaffing situation… So I did what any determined gal who wants to wear shorts and run would do I researched the crap out of how to prevent chafing! So after some trial and error, I found a couple things that DID help!

I was able to run and ENJOY my shorts free of pain!

5 Remedies to Prevent Chafing

  • Good Old Fashioned Baby Powder! Now that my kids are older – I am no longer in the diaper phase of life… {I promise that phase does end, and sooner than you think!}  But somehow I managed to find a lone bottle of the stuff and was pleasantly surprised by the help it provided! Not only did my legs smell baby fresh it helped aid my situation.
  • Bodyglide Anti-chafe For Her I read several online articles on how well this stuff works and is non-oily and not sticky! I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by how effective and easy to use it was. For $8 it is worth the investment – it seems to me to be the MOST effective option.  You roll it on just like deodorant between your gams.
  • Hydration – The theory being the more water you drink and the better hydrated you are the less you sweat and the less friction will be produced… All good in theory and yes please drink your water while running. But no matter how you slice it, I’m a hot sweaty mess with water or without.  And after having three kids I already have to stop for enough for “potty breaks” this one really wasn’t a REAL solution for me! But let me know if it makes a difference for you!
  • KY Jelly – Open that bedside “drawer” and use a little lube… I’m not making this shiz up it’s recommended on quite a few “runners” guides. I tried it and personally, I think it just felt gross… It might have helped but it wasn’t for me. But maybe I don’t buy the right kind. 😉
  • Petroleum Jelly – Worked fairly well, but personally wasn’t my favorite. I just felt like a greased pig out for a run. Pretty much the opposite of an empowering feeling…

So whether you have perfectly shaped thigh gap legs, {and if you do – that’s awesome} or you don’t- there are things that DO help prevent thigh chafing! So no matter your shape you can sport the shorts without the pain.

I’d love to know if any of these have worked for you! I’m always open to suggestions and ways to help my chafing thighs! Cause my cute runners shorts are here to stay! So much better than compression shorts!