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Human Design Chart Reading – Just The Notes!


If you ever wanted a thorough human design reading without scheduling a 1-1 Human Design Chart reading, this is an AMAZING option!


Human Design can be super complicated to understand! With a Just The Notes Human Design Chart Reading, you will receive a breakdown and explanation for everything on your chart! This unique option will include 14+ pages of notes and explanations of your chart specifics. You will walk away with a unique understanding of everything on your chart without having to schedule a reading.

Flat Lay of Cover of Digital Copy of Andie's Human Design Chart Reading Option- Just The Notes

Please allow 48-72 hours to receive your customized “Just The Notes” reading. Andie will personally customize your notes with her intuitive overall notes of what she sees as standouts on your Human Design Chart! (This will come as a 1-page summation of chart standouts!)

Your notes will review the following areas of your Human Design Chart:

  • Energetic Type + Best Practices
  • Authority – How You Are Designed To Make Aligned Decisions
  • Themes – What Are Your “Bumpers” to Keep You In Alignment
  • Energetic Centers – What Chakras can you rely on consistently, and what chakras are open and subject to more conditioning?
  • Gates – What gifts and DNA activations did you choose to play with in this lifetime?
  • Channels – Major Life Themes
  • Digestion – How to eat to best fuel your body and brain. – Get into higher states of flow and activate your genius.
  • Motivation – What are you meant to be propelled into action by?
  • Sense – What is your body’s tell when you are in alignment?
  • Perspective -What are you meant to be keyed in on and pay attention to?
  • Environment – Where should you be spending the bulk of your time? Where will you be the most energized and activated?
  • Incarnation Cross – What is your unique “special sauce” you can add to all you do to be in better energetic alignment?
  • Personality Profile – What energy do you project onto the world – what do people “see” when they see you?
  • Summation of Overall Themes Found On Your Chart – Andie will intuitively read your chart and choose what stands out to her.
  • A Video that teaches what everything means on your chart so that you are able to understand your chart even more!  (A link to watch the video will be delivered with your notes!)


If you prefer to schedule a 1-1 Zoom Call Human Design Chart Reading With Andie personally, head over to the booking link to schedule an appointment!





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