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Workout of the Week


Fitness Friday Monday

(Don’t you fret I’ve got an awesome Decor project all set up for Friday so we’re doing a little swap -o-roo)

I get asked a lot what my fitness routine entails… So I’ve decided every couple weeks I’ll post my Weekly Fitness Schedule! So that way you can werk it! It will be like we’re fitness buddies working out together!!! I love to workout and I honestly feel like you NEED to mix it up! If you don’t… your body can become complacent and you just don’t get challenged. So MIX it up! Try new things and don’t get stuck in a fitness funk (it’s a real deal thing)

Weekly Workout Schedule 11/4/13 -11/9/13

Monday: LEG Day
Run 1 Mile
Machine Work
3 Sets of 15 each
Leg Press Machine (50-80lbs)
Leg Curl Machine (50-80lbs)
Inner & Outer Thigh Machine – Do both movements (50-80lbs)
Walking Lunges with Leg Lift – I walked the length of the gym 2x -around 100 lunges
1 minute wall sit
Leg Floor Work 
Do 15 each three times
Leg Extensions – Move leg in and and out while on all fours
Leg Lifts- on all fours lift leg while toe pointed
Donkey Kicks on all fours with leg in 90 degree angle
Donkey Kick Crossovers – on all fours with leg in 90 degree angle cross leg over and touch opposite
Leg Lifts
25 leg lifts straight up
25 leg lifts front
25 leg lifts backwards
Do this three times!!!
Finish with a 1 mile Run

I take a spin class — great workout!!!! — Chose a cardio class you’ll LOVE!!
I typically run a mile or two after class depending on how much time I have

Arm Day
Try my upper body sculpt workout 
Add 10-15 Minutes of Cardio to Cool Down

I spin again! Seriously if you  haven’t tried you should!!!

Piyo Class — I love mixing it up with a Pilates or Yoga class to help lengthen and stretch my muscles!

I go for a run typically 5-6 miles… Do something you enjoy that is active!!

On Halloween I did a fun “spooky” spinning class after putting the kids to bed! It was a great way to end the night! I met up with my fitness buddy and fellow blogger McKenzie of Girl Loves Glam

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  1. McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam says:

    Love you girl! Thanks for letting me tag along and be your work out buddy!

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