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50 EASY Ways to get in 10,000 Steps Daily

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50 EASY Ways to get in 10,000 Steps, simple and easy tips for moving and being more active every day!

Fitness trackers have become quite the rage and can be a great way to help push you and challenge you to stay more active throughout your day.

One of my daily goals is 10,000 steps daily. When I first set that as my daily goal I thought it would be a piece of cake to get my daily steps in…but it can be tough! 10,000 steps is a lot, especially when I’m home all day. Getting more steps in the day is a great way for beginners to get started! Start with a goal to take 10,000 steps! On average making, the effort to take 10,000 steps daily will burn between 400-500 calories! Woot! Woot! And to help us all hit our daily 10k steps goals I compiled a list of 50 fun ways to get us stepping more!

So here you are– 50 EASY Ways to get in 10,000 steps daily!

  1. When grocery shopping make extra trips around the perimeter.
  2. Pace when you brush your teeth.
  3. Use the restroom upstairs or downstairs instead of the one right by where you are.
  4. Walk around the block while your child is at their lessons.
  5. Pace the room when you are waiting… at the doctors, dentist, airport, any time you’re stuck waiting.
  6. Park far away instead of fighting for that primo spot!
  7. Before you head outside to check the mail take a lap around your entire house,
  8. Walk to the store if you’re picking up only a couple items that are easily tote-able.
  9. Always pace when talking on the phone. I walk laps around my dining room table.
  10. Walk your kid to school instead of fighting the carpool line.
  11. Headed to a mall? Mall walking is a GREAT way to get some serious window shopping and major steps in.
  12. Set your timer to get up every half hour or so and walk a loop or two.
  13. Instead of making your kids get stuff for you, (guilty!), get things for yo’ self!
  14. Just say no to escalators, and elevators–make it a life choice to always take the stairs!
  15. If you have to visit two stores that are relatively close, park midway between the two and walk to both.
  16. Make an after-dinner stroll with the family a daily “thing”.
  17. On date night always include a leisurely walk around the area where the restaurant is.
  18. Instead of playing “pack mule” with the grocery bags take em’ in one at a time.
  19. Empty each dish one at a time from the dishwasher, putting them away before grabbing the next.
  20. Play hide and seek with your kids.
  21. Instead of “fast forwarding the DVR during commercials” get up and pace!
  22. Mow the lawn.
  23. Walk your kids to the park and then walk laps around the perimeter.
  24. When you put your clothes away do it one item at a time!
  25. Pace when folding laundry.
  26. Vacuum more often – my house definitely needs it!
  27. Walk to the gym.
  28. Go for an early morning walk around the neighborhood.
  29. Play tag with your kids.
  30. Pace when cooking.
  31. Don’t go to bed unless you met your goal – take laps around the room to get it in! Get your significant other involved!
  32. Walk in place in the shower – just don’t slip!
  33. Get your dance on! Turn the music on and it’s an instant family dance party.
  34. If it’s less than a mile choose to walk.
  35. Before I make myself a snack I walk our stairs twice.
  36. Walk while typing an email or in my case blog post. 😉
  37. If you’re on FB, Instagram or Twitter while on your phone, PACE!
  38. Walk your house following the floorboard line throughout your entire place.
  39. Play Duck-Duck-Goose with your kids.
  40. For every time your kids say “I’m bored” they have to lap the neighborhood with you.
  41. Go hiking.
  42. Go to your local high school and walk the track (if it’s less than a mile walk!).
  43. Always return your shopping cart to the cart return one aisle over.
  44. March in place!
  45. Put some spunk in your step – the more you mosey and move while walking the more calories you burn.
  46. Do an evening clean sweep. Walk your house and put away stuff that needs putting away one item at a time! (multiple benefits here)
  47. Walk to visit a friend. I’m sure you stopping by will brighten their day!
  48. Explore your neighborhood on foot. Check out different routes and the walking paths if you have them.
  49. If you work, instead of messaging someone get up and walk to their desk.
  50. Put the remote down and walk to change the channel or adjust the volume.


Don’t think you need to do all 10,000 steps in one big chunk, break it up and keep moving. Every time you chose to make the effort to get a few more steps in, it will make a difference. They all add up to make you that much healthier!