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June Workout Schedule


30 Day Workout Schedule – Everything you need to help you crush your fitness goals!

Well Hello There June, I’ve been waitng all year for you! I LOVE Summer! And there is no better place to be in the summer than Utah – It is beautiful and the weather is amazing! 

I hope you are loving these printable 30 Day workout schedules and are getting a big kick out them! I think they are so fun and I love connecting with you all and seeing you are killing these workouts! 

Please keep sending me your feedback and results so I can start sharing them all in each monthly post! I would love, love love to feature more reader’s stories n Maybe I Will! Hearing your awesome stories and inspiration are the highlight of my job! 

30 Day No Nonsense Workout Schedule (1)

I love seeing all your amazing before AND afters! It makes me so happy to see women who had dieted and dieted and failed – totally winning eating their favorite foods and not feeling deprived at all!!= For more information about my program >>> GO HERE

Monica Before and After

To access the calendar just click the calendar and hit “save” via the Adobe PDF browser. By saving it as a document all the clickable links will work and take you right to each day’s workout. (super convenient!) Or even more convenient, just bookmark this page! That way it is always easy to find and refer back to. 


All the workouts are designed to be done at home and are maximized for optimal fat loss and they should take only 20-30 minutes, some are a little less – like my Total Body HIIT Workout 

Remember if you have any questions, concerns or you just want to brag about your results feel free to email me!! My email address is [email protected] 

Ohh and Also have you joined my Secret Facebook Group?? >> If you really don’t want to bother with downloading or saving the document and just want quick links to the workouts every day — They are posted in the group along with daily motivation and workout tips! Just click the picture below and hit “join” and I will add you as soon as I am able.

Facebook Fit Family

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  1. Ooo I’m just getting back into a good routine post baby! This looks like a great schedule!

  2. Lorie Yarro says:

    Love the inspiration and motivation. Lord knows I always need it!

  3. Taylor Kiser says:

    What a great workout schedule! Having something in print sure helps to stay motivated and on track!

  4. I love quick and easy a workouts (with the exception of barre and yoga) at home. This looks like a balanced month and I love how calendars like this motivate and help keep you focused and on track.

  5. Sonali- The Foodie Physician says:

    This is fantastic! A workout schedule like this is a great tool to help stay motivated!

  6. This is such a helpful resource. I have the hardest time picking out what kind of workout to do each day, but this makes it so much easier!

  7. Alisa Fleming says:

    I love before and afters, too, and I love a good workout schedule. I’ve been sporadic with my fitness lately and want to step it up, so this is what I need.

  8. Emily Kyle says:

    I am loving this printable workout schedule! Working out is not my favorite thing, so its great to have something like this that is so simple and ready to go!

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