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Things To Do In Las Vegas

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Things To Do In Las Vegas {That are not gambling & Drinking}


Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? I am so excited for you! Planning ANY trip is always so fun! I love traveling, and find the planning process to be one of the most exciting parts of the process.

I’m sure the first thing most people think about when planning a trip to Las Vegas are the fabulous restaurants, incredible shows, gambling and lounging by the pool. Don’t get me wrong all of those activities are the makings of a pretty epic vacation by any one’s standards!

But Las Vegas has so much more to offer that you don’t even know about! I lived in the Las Vegas area for 18 months and explored the city and found some of the coolest things to do! I am not a gambler or a drinker so trust me when I say you can have a fabulous time in Las Vegas without sitting at one slot machine or drinking at all! There are so many active and fun things to do in Las Vegas! Things To Do In Las Vegas

  1. Tackle your fear of heights with a Trapeze Class!! Swing from the bar and pretend you joined the circus for an hour or two! Try out Trapeze Las Vegas! They have group rates and class schedules right on their website!
  2. You’ve got to try an anti-gravity yoga class! It was one of the coolest classes ever! This studio and all the classes are run by the super athletes that perform in the Cirque Du Soleil shows! Check Out Shine Alternative Fitness
  3. Want to play and feel like a tough guy… Grab your crew for a game of paintball! They even have Zombie Inspired courses if you’re into that! Check Out Combat Zone Paint Ball for more info
  4. Ever dreamed of being a pole dancer? Me either, but I do have to admire their athleticism. I will probably never look less sexy than when I give this workout a try! I’m sure I’ll be a hot sweaty mess and will definitely burn some major calories! Check out Pole Fitness Studio for more info.
  5. Run The Strip!!! Laces up those sneakers and go for a run! If you go earlier in the morning, the streets are less crowded, and you can take in all the sights of the city! Plus there are some impressive steps to master as well while you’re headed up and down the strip! Here are some fun courses to try! Or even come and do the Rock and Roll Half or Full Marathon and Run the Strip at Night! Snoop Dog is gonna be there…
  6. Rent a Bike and Hit the Streets Las Vegas Cylcery offers bike rental and guided tours through Red Rock’s Scenic Roads
  7. Rock Climbing! Who doesn’t like to tackle a tall mountain only supported by some rope 😉 Check out American Alpine for information about their courses from beginner to advanced.
  8. Red Rock Canyon is the perfect place to head for a great day hike! They have paths for the beginner as well as more challenging trails for those that are wanting a challenge! Enjoy the Beauty of the Vegas desert!
  9. Visiting while it’s hot out and doesn’t really want to head outdoors and brave the 100 + degree heat! Check out Flip Out Trampoline Park! It is the perfect place to jump around and burn major calories!
  10. For the super advanced Fitness, Enthusiast check out Circus Circus Extreme Boot Camp! These classes look like the ultimate challenge!

Doesn’t this list inspire you to go and check out what ALL Las Vegas has to offer! There are so many fun and unique things to do in Las Vegas – you could go there a ton of times and have different travel experience every time!

No matter what city you travel to make sure and check out all the city has to offer beyond “the usual.”

If you are looking for more ways to stay active – Here are some more ideas already on my site! {With more tips and city guides on the way!}

**Updated added Tip**

To save money on any of these activities make sure and check out Groupon – They have fantastic deals on almost all the above-mentioned classes and activities.

Another great way to save money while traveling is to stay at an Extended Stay America hotel – They have very competitive rates, and the best part is they are 1,2, and 3 bedroom suites with a kitchen- that will fit my family of 5 very comfortably! So you can save money and calories 😉 by not having to eat out EVERY meal!

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  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    I’m a total slacker when it comes to exercising on vacation, but those all sound like amazing ways to mix things up! I can only imagine the number of points you could rack up by hiking up and down the Strip on your vacation! #client

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