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This Viral Mixture Is THE Answer To How To Make Plants Grow Faster!

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Welcome, I know you’re here because you’re curious to see if this crazy plant food of WEIRD ingredients has gone viral and has been shared over 206 THOUSAND times! I get more questions about this little post than most! So I thought I would dive deep and do a BIG update to answer all your questions on how to make plants grow faster, even beyond my secret plant concoction; that is no longer a secret! ?

Please don’t take my word for it. Here are some of your comments!

Omg, thank you for this. My plants look super happy, and they look like they are absorbing nutrients more effectively.
Oh, trust me, it works! I tried this for the first time years ago. My comment is somewhere on here! And holy cow! It was like my flowers went crazy, and within 24 hours, the dried dying pots I had were full and back to life, and within a week maybe? Everything it touched was noticeably fuller in bloom and taller in height. Not to mention everything I sprayed this on was now budding new life
Oh my gosh!! Andie! This stuff is THA BOMB DIGGITY!!
I have to figure out how to post before pix of (1-week dehydrated plants ???? that look well done and extra crispy — toooooo….. ???????????? (AFTER PIX!!! Only 3 days everyone!! The color came back, the leaves were full and bright, (the Acrobat ants didn’t like it, but that’s ok I didn’t like them either!) and after 2 weeks of regular watering and 3 times a week a little spritz-n-spray of your recipe, they sadly had to come out of the baskets they were hanging in… Because they were too dang big for my porch!!! So in the ground, they went!! I could kiss you I’m so excited!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! And I used everything exactly as andie did. Brand names and all.

Some readers refer to this as the “crazy drunk concoction” because it is a beer plant fertilizer. But I promise this magical drunken concoction works on any plant, and you will definitely see the growth of your plants take off as you have NEVER seen before.

My husband, the master gardener in our home. He has been making this perfect fertilizer every spring through summer for the past 20 years we have been married! And every year without fail, we have the most envious yard on the block! All our neighbors eventually come and ask us what we are doing since it seems your outdoor plants are on steroids with the crazy rapid growth.

When used correctly, this crazy mixture works miracles on not just our garden but on all of our friends and family we have shared our recipe with!

So are you READY to get the 4 Ingredient plant food recipe for Bigger Better Plants This Year!! 

Beer, Ammonia, Shampoo, and Miracle Grow mixed will give you the biggest plants ever
This secret family recipe is THE answer to How To Make Plants Grow Faster!

Seriously your LIFE will not be the SAME! It works that WELL! 

Now for the secret family RECIPE!! For as long as my dear hubby can remember, this plant food recipe has been a hush-hush family secret! But Why NOT share a good thing that works wonders!

The four magical ingredients for bigger plants
These Four weird ingredients are all you need to create the viral sensation to make your yard the prettiest on the block!


  • 1 Cup Ammonia
  • 1 Cup Shampoo
  • 8 oz Beer
  • 1 Sleeve of Miracle-Gro use granuels only.


Please NOTE* For the best results, use the right fertilizer, Miracle-Gro granules. From our experience, granular fertilizers work best.

Mix it all up in your bucket

STEP ONE: Mix the MiracleGro packet, shampoo, ammonia, and beer mix with a paint stick in a LARGE 5-gallon bucket. This mixture will be POTENT and can stain, so use caution! (concrete included) Do NOT dump the mix on your plants or grass directly! The combination is intended to be highly diluted with enough water! 

Use caution! The undulated mixture can stain.

STEP TWO: Don’t miss this important step, as it is a CRUCIAL FACTOR and one I get asked a lot about. Using a sprayer is ESSENTIAL. Portion out and fill the sprayer to the full point and attach to your garden house – Then spray plants while the hose is on! This will ensure that the mixture is adequately diluted and allow for its magic to work! 

Kelly likes to add some marbles to his sprayer to help agitate the mixture while spraying

STEP THREE: Spray all of your plants and refill the sprayer as needed. After you have sprayed all your different plants, dump any leftovers. The concoction will not keep. Make sure you are spraying the root system and around the base of the plant. This will ensure that the magic goes straight to the plant roots boosting the growth of plants.

Look at the happy mixture getting deep into the roots to help them grow!

STEP FOUR: It’s a good idea to repeat this process every 2-3 weeks throughout the growing season and watch the growth of your plants take off! It is so fun to watch them flourish!


What Types of Plants Does This For?: We have sprayed this concoction on indoor plants (like our snake plants and other green plants.) Ornamental plants, garden bed, tomato plants, trees, ornamental grasses, flowers, basically any plant that grows above ground will benefit.

Do I Still Need To Water Normally?: Yes! Plants still need adequate water to grow! So please water as you usually would. Yes, your plants still need basic proper care.

Is It Ok To Use On Plants I Eat? This is a great question. Please only spray the base of your plants, being even more mindful of this on plants that bear fruit or veggies! On other plants spraying the leaves and flowers will be just fine, but as a best practice concentrating on the root system is best.

Can I Use This Recipe Without a Sprayer?: No, a sprayer is an important factor to get the correct water dilution ratio, and you don’t get too much water.

All I Can Find Is Lemon Ammonia, Will That Work? In a pinch, this will work, but plain ammonia works best.

On the post for the Miracle-Gro concoction, how much is a sleeve? I can’t find it sold that way. If you cannot locate the sleeve of granules, sub out for 2 cups of Miracle Grow Granules -Liquid fertilizers will not work with the recipe.

Can this also be used to fertilize grass? Yes, it can be used on grass

Can I use it on regular potted house plants? Ex. basil, rosemary, lavender, green house plants, oregano, lemongrass, wheatgrass, mint, bell peppers, and so on…? Yes, but again with anything you are eating, the best way is to only spray the root system.

Does it matter what kind of beer or shampoo? Light beer or reg? Cheap shampoo, and does it matter what scent? Any beer and any shampoo will work! We buy the cheapest possible, Keystone and V05. A trip to the dollar store, and you usually pick up most of the ingredients.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo instead? Yes, baby shampoo will work.

How Often Can I Use The Concoction? You can spray your plants every two or three weeks for fast plant growth.

Is it ok To Use Tap Water? Yes, good old water straight from the hose works great, no need for fancy filtered water or aquarium water.

Will This Work On An Existing Plant? Yes! Even if it’s a plant you’ve had for years, this mixture will breathe new life back to it!


Ammonia provides much nitrogen, one of the important nutrients your plants need.

Shampoo opens the plants so that the necessary nutrients can get to the roots.

Miracle-Gro acts as the plant food.

Beer acts as a catalyst to speed up the growth of the plant! 

These seemingly weird and bizarre ingredients work together to help your plants be the healthy plants they are meant to be. You’ll see the crazy growth rate skyrocket, and you will be amazed at how well ALL your plants respond to this stuff. If you read through the 200+ comments, you will see lots of questions, but you will also read many first-hand accounts of how well this stuff works! It makes my heart happy knowing my gardener friends worldwide are mixing up their beer, ammonia, shampoo, and Miracle-Gro to make this fantastic family secret concoction.

This Viral Mixture Is THE Answer To... x
This Viral Mixture Is THE Answer To How To Make Plants Grow Faster!

Crazy, but trust me, it works. I have to give a big shout-out to Mr. Thueson for stepping in and modeling the process. He is the natural gardener in our home and the true expert on this topic.

When we were young newlyweds and had just bought our first home, Kelly told me he would never buy me flowers. At first, I was hurt. What no flowers. I remember looking at him and thinking, what the heck, really? But just as quickly, he totally redeemed himself in the following sentence. Instead, every year I will plant you a yard full of flowers. And he has. I got myself a good one. 

I hope this little concoction of bizarre ingredients helps you win the best yard on the block, too, not that it is a competition. ?

Good Luck + Much Love,