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The 4×4 Do Anywhere 16 Minute Workout


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Short on time? Don’t skip working out! This crazy effective 16 Minute workout may be simple but you will burn some serious calories!

Often times we try to make working out way more complicated than it needs to be.

Getting a good workout it in does not need to be complicated or be overly time-consuming.

We are a busy people! I get it! But it does not need to be an excuse NOT to squeeze in a little workout!

This 16 Minute Workout, consists of  4 simple moves and can be done anywhere and will only take you  16 minutes to complete. That’s it 16 tiny little minutes and you DID an amazing fat burning and body sculpting workout! Granted these 16 minutes will go by as quickly as microwave or treadmill minutes but I know you can do it!! Each of these moves can be done at your LEVEL – that’s another amazing part of this workout you do as much as you can in 1 minute! And as you do the workout more and more you can try and challenge yourself to get a few more reps in each time! 

So lace up your sneaks and let’s get to work! 


MOVE #1  Burpees

Set your phone’s timer for 1 minute and see how many burpees you can bust out in a minute. Remember to go at your own pace! 

Start in a low crouch and jump out to a high plank or a low plank – either way, you will feel the burn! Then thrust your feet forward in between your hands and jump up! Keep repeating for the entire minute. Make sure and write down how many you did so you can keep track and see if you can improve and get a few more in! 


Move #2  Sumo Squats 

Again reset your timer for 1 minute! 

With sumo squats, you want to grab a heavier weight and hold it with both hands and get LOW – Shorty got low, low, low – {couldn’t help it – that song pops into my head every dang time!} Get as low as you can and touch your elbows to your knees and power back up squeezing your glutes at the top! Again do as many as you can do in one minute. – WRITE your # down! Both the # of pounds you lifted and the number of repetitions you were able to complete 

Move #3 Jump Rope 

Again reset your timer for 1 minute and jump rope for the entire minute. If you do not have a jump rope or your need a modification just jump in place sans the jump rope!

Jump Roping is an excellent way to burn a ton of calories quickly! So channel your inner 4th-grade self and have a blast! Nothing to record here, just pay attention to how much better you get! You’ll start to need fewer breaks and you won’t get winded as quickly! Celebrate your improvements!

Move #4  Lunge + Bicep Curls 

Reset those timers for 1 minute! Who doesn’t love a little multitasking! With this move, you will lunge forward and curl up your arms into a curl as lunge forward switching legs each time. Lunges are awesome for sculpting your whole leg. 

So this explains the first part of the 4 in the 4×4 workout – the second part of the 4 is the number of times you work through each move after your lunges take a quick break and start right back at the top with burpees complete the workout all the way through 3 more times for a total of 4 TIMES! Get it 4 moves x 4 Times completing all of them 😉 

You’ve got this!! If you complete the workout I would love to see a fun pic!! You might just be featured on my Facebook and/or Instagram page. Make sure and tag me @andiethues! #maybeiwillfitness 

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